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Anna LaPrad album showcase at The Sutler

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I had the most honor of glamming up a  dear friend last week for her album showcase. Not only does she have a gorgeous voice but the girl can write!  She’s not just a friend though, we are practically family. No really though. Her sister is married to my step brother in law and they coincidently met at my wedding! You might need a venn diagram for that one!

My husband has been friends with her and her two sisters since high school and she moved here to Nashville to pursue her dreams!  We had the best time drinking wine, girl talkin and getting her glam for the night.  We actually had a terrible lighting situation in the greenroom at first but managed to make it work with a quick trip to Walgreens for a desk lamp.  Thank god for Anna’s team and that lamp.

Of course I walk into the bathroom shortly after I’ve already unpacked and set up my 1,445,675 products to find the most beautiful lighting of life.   NOPE-not moving mah stuff.  Note to self-get a ring light.  Luckily, we had the oh so talented photographer Darrell Frasier there to document her big night.  These are some pics of the night and a little makeup porn for ya!

If you get a chance definitely check out her new album on iTunes  It’s titled Storyteller.   You will NOT be sorry!















Welcome back


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So, I’m sorry I’m so terrible and have been mia BUT, in my defense I’ve had a very hectic last few months. Moving is a B. What I think I may start doing is more frequent shorter posts. Y’all know how I can get to ramblin sometimes. With that being said, I’m a really nostalgic person and I find myself daydreaming sometimes about times gone by. Whether it’s a childhood memory or a time in my life that is just forever cemented in my brain. It’s also quite funny how much a song, or even a smell can take you to another place and time. I love that something so simple can be so powerful over your brain.
This brings me to my topic today. It’s an old school favorite. An oldie but a goodie. This guy is an OG and has been ridin with me since high school! I just posted on instagram a few days ago talking about this product because I had forgotten how much I love it.  I’m not sure if I love it so much because of the memories that go along with it or what. But I love.

Bonne Bell is my homegirl. We all had the chapsticks and they were all bomb. If I could get my hands on some Dr. Pepper Chapstick right now I’d be super happy. My hands down favorite of the Bonne Bell product line are her lip lites lip glosses.

I will say that since I’ve purchased these as an adult I’m almost positive the formula has been changed. It’s not as thick and shiny as it used to be and at first it bothered me. Maybe because I felt that because the formula had been tampered with that my memories had also been as well. I know it’s ridiculous.

Regardless, I actually really like the new formula. It’s less messy. The one non negotiable I had was the scent and the taste. Ya, I said taste because unless you’ve been living under a rock since the 80’s you’re aware of how amazing and spot on Bonne Bell is with the way the products smell and taste.  I give you “cappucino”



I mentioned in the Instagram post how I keep this dude in my son’s baby bag as my “backup” gloss that I use in a pinch. I feel less anxiety if he lives in there at all times. That he’s in there waiting to save my day… And he always does. I’ve been reaching for my cappucino gloss a lot lately and he just got upgraded to my purse for a bit.

I wrote about another lip lites gloss in a dupe post. Check it out if you haven’t. I love this gloss and it’s for so many reasons. It’s beautiful on, I love the formulation, and the smell…. Oh the smell! My entire high school career in a tiny tube. My girlfriends and I had the entire collection between us all.

If you’re feeling nostalgic like me I’d suggest ordering straight from the Bonne Bell website. Here in Middle Tennessee NO ONE carries these anymore. Trust me. I spent an entire Saturday hunting.  They are also super affordable and who doesn’t love that. What products take you back? I  finally got my comments section enabled so I’d love to hear from y’all! See ya on memory lane!





Bronzed and Glowy



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Now that the weather here in Tennessee has finally decided to act right.  I think I can safely say that Spring has sprung!  It’s time to ditch the leggings and boots and commit to shaving our legs again (shoot me).  But honestly, even my olive toned skin that tans super easy is looking ghostly.  It’s about this time of year I start to pump some color back into my life and by that I mean literally pumping self tanner on myself.

It’s a very delicate dance I have to do in order to find the perfect self tanner.  I’m not completely cool or warm toned so something that suits both is what I’m looking for.  I typically use the Tan Towels which I love but y’all know me I’m always hunting for dupes and drugstore alternatives.  Loreal Sublime Bronze Line I think is just the ticket.  They are so super easy to use and I think the color is a really great.   These are the same concept as the tan towels.  They are like big baby wipes that are saturated with tan. If you are wanting immediate color pay off these are not it.  They take at least 4 hours to start developing.  I always do these at night before be and wake up like a tropical goddess.

tan towel

What I’m really loving this season is a new tanning product and Hallelujah, it’s drug store! I’ve always loved Jergens products and their new tanning foam is AMAZING!!  I love this stuff for so many reasons.  One- the colorguard.  I want to be able to see what I’m doing and where product is going on my skin.  Lest I end up a 12 like Ross on Friends.  There are two shades in this line and I’m the deep color.  This is an immediate tan to your skin and it’s beautiful.  The bottle says it takes 60 seconds to dry.  this is false but not a deal breaker.  Takes more like 15 minutes to completely dry and feel like it’s absorbed.


I really do love the foam concept and the formula.  It doesn’t streak and I just feel overall its easier to handle.  As usual though you have to be careful around wrists and ankles as to make sure you blend those lines of demarcation.  It can be done and the way I’ve been doing it seems to help.  I use a wedge makeup sponge.  The ones you can get at any drugstore in a pack.  These are PERFECT to help place color and blend around those areas.  Also on your feet too.

I’d say that this has a pretty great staying power as well.  If I apply on a Sunday night, I’ve still got color by Friday.  It may be a little faded just depending on how often you shower and exfoliate your skin but it’s still there.  This product also allows you to keep applying every few days so you can reach your own desired color.

One other tip that I highly recommend when using this particular tanning product.  GLOVES.  Ya gotta get yourself some plastic gloves.  I don’t care what kind they are and if you get mistaken for a lunch lady.  You will NOT be sorry.  What you will be sorry for is if you appy sunless tanner with a color guard with bare hands.  If you don’t wash your hands immediately you are done.  More importantly though this method makes it soooo much less messy for you.  I would wear gloves with just plain ole tanning lotion that doesn’t have a color guard.  It’s just better trust me.

I picked up my Jergens Natrual Glow Instant Sun at Target (of course) I’m pretty sure it’s at all major drug stores though.  I’m so thrilled I found this product and that I actually LOVE it.  It’s a really great price at 12 bucks and the end result is fantastic.  So go on girl! Get chur tan on!






Nighty Night!

My night time routine tends to change from time to time depending on what products I love and what works for my skin at the moment.  I think the problem for a lot of people is that they don’t listen to their skin.  I’m raising my hand right now as I type this.  Back in college I wasn’t as aggressive about my skin care as I am today being a 31 year old.  I wasn’t aggressive because I didn’t see a need to be.

I have fairly good skin thanks to genetics but I also have acne prone combo/oily skin as well.  I’d almost dare to say I have sensitive skin at times.  My issue back then is that I didn’t take the cues my skin was giving me.  I thought that the products that worked for gal down the street would work for me.  This is not the case.  Find out your skin type and go from there.

I feel like my skin is very random in the times it chooses to act up and when it decides it’s going to be sensitive.  All I know is that I try….emphasis on the word try to accommodate it.  I recently received a Clairsonic as a gift.  For anyone that doesn’t know what a Clairsonic is, it’s a brush that cleans your face.  I’m not going to go too much further into detail because I’ll be doing an entire post on the Clairsonic brush compared to the Olay Pro X brush.

The point is that I have added the Clairsonic to my routine at night 3 days a week and am excited to see results if any.  Below is a collection of my current night time favorites and what’s working for me right now. I’m just going to touch on a few of these products simply because I’ve done posts dedicated to a few in this bunch.  Feel free to catch up!



I’ve always been a huge lover of face oils and Josie Maran is my homegirl but, I’ve been using the Boots Botanics Organic facial oil lately. Verdict? I LOVE IT!  It is definitely thicker than my J Maran argan oil and it doesn’t absorb as quickly but hey man, That’s allllright with me!  This oil is 100% organic and has got (big surprise) rose hip in it.  It says you can use it AM and PM but lemme stop you right there.  If you are able to use this in the AM under makeup, I’m calling NASA because you are not of this world. 010

This stuff is just too thick and takes too long to absorb into your skin to be worn under makeup.  That is why I love it so much for my night time arsenal.  My big thing with moisturizers and lip balms for over night are their staying power.  If I wake up in the morning and my face just feels normal.  That’s a no go for me.  When I wakeup I want my skin to feel soft, supple and moisturized.  The products you sleep in over night are so very important.  Your skin does its repairing and rejuvenating over night while you sleep.  With that being said, choose wisely.

This facial oil is perfect for all skin types and if you’ve ever wanted to try facial oils I’d definitely give this one a try.  Another favorite from my night time bunch isn’t for the face but, it is just as important to me.  I HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO use a hand cream right before bed.  I’m pretty sure I’ll keel over if I don’t.  L’occitane products just give me life.  They are beyond luxurious and just so fancy! I mean, it’s made in France!?

Just like my lip balm obsession, hand cream is right up there with it.  I’m very particular about my hand creams and body lotions.  It’s got to have the perfect formulation, consistency and scent.  I don’t do greasy and I don’t do watery.  Loccitane is perfection.  It absorbs quickly and is rich and creamy.  I wish I could bathe in this stuff.

Well, I’d say that gives you a little glimpse into my ritualistic tendencies (Ha!) I mean, my night time routine.  I would strongly urge you to pick up one for yourself and be diligent about it.  You are never too young to start taking care of your skin.  It’s your largest organ and it should be treated as such.  I assure you you will not regret it!

You can pick up Loccitane hand cream here!

Pick up Boots Botanics Facial oil here!


I always talk about using things for their not intended purposes and I’m not joking when I say that. If I can solve a problem, I don’t care how it gets solved. I also love a great deal. That being said, I’ve recently discovered a new way to clean my makeup brushes.  I will do just about ANYTHING to make this process go faster.  This is something ALL makeup artists and enthusiasts alike dread.  It is such a tedious process. If I could hire someone to come do this for me I would lol.


I don’t normally relate to Kimmy but, she is speaking to me with this meme! I will put brush cleaning off until the very last minute because it takes soooo looong.  Not only is it time consuming, but my hands feel like and resemble 50 year old prunes when it’s all said and done.  Not a cute look.  I’ve pretty much tried every method imaginable to clean my brushes.  I’ve cleaned them on my weddings rings, I’ve cleaned them on a hair roller and quite recently I have been using a flat rubber pot holder and it has been great but still not everything I am looking for.

Sigma Beauty which is a makeup and brush line came out with a brush cleaning mitt a couple years back. I have yet to try it but it looks pretty perfect.  All it really is is a glorified pot holder.  Genius I know.   I thought to myself….self?  There has got to be an actual rubber pot holder on the market that is similar and hopefully less in price.  The Sigma brush retails at $35.

I scoured Target’s Kitchen section to no avail.  I was very surprised when I couldn’t find anything.  I knew I had to make the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart but, for this it was definitely worth it.  Low and behold, Mainstays brand had a completely rubber oven mitt!! Here it is.


It’s shaped differently but the concept is the same.  I squirt dish soap all over the ridges, wet my brushes and go to town.  I’ve been using this mitt now for a couple weeks and I’m very pleased.  The ridges on this mitt are exactly what I was looking for.  It really does the job and keeps my hands from getting dried out and pruny.  I would say the only con of using this mitt is the position your hand is in while cleaning.  It’s a tad awkward but nothing that I cant get over.  I mean seriously, this oven mitt is $5 stinking dollars!!  Hmm..$35 or $5.  Not a hard choice for me.  I’m sure the Sigma Mitt is fantastic and probably more ergonomic for your hand, but I’m the Queen of figuring it out for cheaper.

If you are in the need for a cheaper alternative for brush cleaning this is your guy.  BONUS- You’ve got a new awesome pot holder.  It works fantastically for what it’s actually made to do!   Pick him up at Wal-Mart.  You WON’T be sorry!

Are those falsies??

Ok, so I’m totally winging this post as I pretty much do anyway but I honestly had no intention or plan to write about this. It really hadn’t crossed my mind yet.
I got a sample mascara from a friend and didn’t think too much about it. This is because I feel that I have tried evvvvry single mascara out there only to have a couple different ones that I actually like.
I used the word like because that’s all it’s ever been. I’ve only ever absolutely loved one. I’ve stuck by it for years and no matter what, (like that clingy ex from your past) always go back to. Without the self loathing and complacency of course. My go to guy is Rimmel lash excelorator. So, so, so good y’all.
But we aren’t here to talk about him today. I wanna talk about this completely unexpected find that I’m now in love with.



MAC’s False Lashes mascara is what I would call a pleasant surprise.  Let me start off by saying I’ve never been one to jump on the high end mascara wagon but if it’s wrong to pay $22 dollars for a mascara then I don’t wanna be right!!!  But seriously, this little guy has got me crushin hard.  The perfect mascara is such a laundry list of components that all MUST work in conjunction to produce the perfect lashes.  The brush size, the formulation, the staying power, how black it is.  I’m still waiting on science to produce a color darker than black.  All these things come into play and if even one of them doesn’t work, then it’s off with their heads.  They get tossed aside into the abyss of bad mascaras.

This brush is the perfect size and the bristles are also exactly as I like them.  Real and firm.  I don’t know what it is about this stuff but it is definitely cooking with fire.  I have a hard time finding mascaras that don’t clump on the lashes and that don’t pull too much product from the tube.  I mean, it’s just ridiculous the amount of product I have to wipe off the brush to even begin to start applying.  I swear, when you apply this it’s smooth and effortless.  The perfect amount of product comes out on the brush. I didn’t even have to go over it a million times or get a safety pin out to separate the lashes.  The end result is just beautiful.  Soft, thick lashes that had volume AND length.  I really may cry when this sample runs out.  How soon till my birthday??

Get your MAC False Lashes Mascara HERE!

Started from the bottom…

*First of all let me start by saying I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted and I am SO sorry about that!  I have been dealing with server issues that have FINALLY been resolved.  I got the all clear yesterday that I’m good to go! So get ready for an onslaught of posts from me! *

I remember being in about 6th grade and playing in my moms makeup as I had done for years and seeing endless amounts of little plastic sponge wands littered around her makeup drawer. They were like hobos wandering around aimlessly with no purpose or place. Why is that??

Why is because they are borderline useless and terrible lol. But seriously, what purpose do they really serve? I mean If I was trying to survive the apocalypse then I’d be hoarding these guys at every turn….but we aint there yet. These wands actually make great smudgers or subs for a pencil brush so I never throw them ALL away. I’ve always got a few on hand for smudging purposes only of course.

upgrade ya

This brings me to the topic of this post.  Makeup Brushes.  For a makeup enthusiast and or makeup artists these are essential and just as addicting as makeup itself.  I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the perfect brush and I will stop at nothing to find it.  I’m not a brush snob either. There is a big difference in a connoisseur and a snob.  My all time favorite fluffly blending brush for the crease of my eye is a no name double ended brush I got back in high school from Walgreens probably.  That means it’s also over 10 years old?! Yikes-I’m old.  Even still I reach for the blending brush almost everytime I do my makeup.

I recently stumbled upon a brush company a few weeks ago, and I’m so good at brush scoping that I can pretty much tell if they are worth a darn or not just by looking at them.  In this case It was through pictures.  I could tell almost immediately that they had promise.  L.A.B.2 otherwise known as Live And Breathe Beauty is a new brush company based out of California.  They were so gracious as to send me their “I’m turning pro” kit.  I just have to say it before I BURST!  I LOVE THESE BRUSHES!! I feel like Ron Burgandy when he word vomits to the whole newsroom that he and Veronica Corningstone are IN LOVE! I wanna scream it from the mountain tops! Ok-now the details lol.


This kit includes the following brushes:

Foundation brush

Buffing Brush

Contour Brush

Eye shadow brush


First of all, these brushes are an AMAZING quality.  They have a soft touch handle which not only feels great but really gives you a better grip.  It’s that NARS type of material that we allll love.  The metal used at the base of the brush is very durable and high in quality.  Those bristles are NOT going to come out.  These are very sleek looking and to be honest they look more luxorious than my expensive MAC brushes.

The bristles are synthetic which is optimum for picking up product.  These are made with LAB2’s FiberLuxe Technology which provides superior pigment pickup and release.  The brushes are all super soft and I really enjoy the feel on my face.  There are a few brushes in my collection that I dreaddd using because they either hurt when I use them, or they are hard to work with.  Not the case with these.

I’m notorious for not using brushes for what they are “intended” for  as in, I use flat foundation brushes a lot to set my under eye concealer with translucent powder.  Always remember, there are no rules.  You can use any type of brush for anything.  As long as you know how.  I have to hands down say that out of this kit my absolute favorite brush is the contour brush.  OH MAH GAHHH y’all.  This brush is changing my life.  I’ve been really bored and unfulfilled with my brushes I use to contour and this one is a game changer.  It is THE PERFECT size and density.  It literally makes contouring effortless and easy.  This is such a difficult brush for me to find a holy grail for.   I have to work twice as hard with another brush to achieve what this one can do in two swipes.(y’all know me though, I blend till my arms fall off)  it creates such a natural look that I really had to pause a moment and be like….”did that just happen”?  Everything about this brush is perfection.  It’s as if it was MADE just for my face.

I used the others surprisingly for what they were meant for and they worked like a dream.  These brushes are fabulous and the other awesome thing about them is their price.    You can pick up these guys at Wal-Mart for a fraction of what a set of brushes from MAC or Sigma Costs.  Lab2 has a beautiful website that you definitely need to check out.   They have a break down of all their brushes and kits as well as awesome videos showing how to use the brushes. They are on the cusp of being ready for online orders as well as being available at Wal-Mart.  Amazon will be carrying a few of their brushes as well so I will let y’all know as soon as they are live online!!

Overall I’m extremely pleased and impressed with this line of brushes and I can’t WAIT to try more! They are super affordable and I highly recommend giving these a try if you are on the hunt for new brushes!

You can check their website out here!



I cannot live without

This post is dedicated to my holy  grail, ride or die, OG skin care product. I’ve been using this multiple times a week for two years because it’s just that good! I have a lot of face besties but this guy stands out because the job he does is so very important.  Peter Thomas Roth is the man.  His entire line of skincare products are just everything.  I’ve actually never tried a product of his that I didn’t love and that didn’t work.  This one in particular I got hooked to almost immediately because I was actually seeing results!!




PTR’s Max Complexion Correction Pads are a staple for me for so many reasons. This product is formulated to cleanse skin, clear up blackheads, refine pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Now, how many stinkin products claim to do these things? Millions.  Ok, maybe not millions but seriously, like every product on the market. These pads are packed with aha’s (alpha hydroxy acid) and salicylic acid.

These two ingredients are major players in the skin game because they not only support natural cell turnover and help banish fine lines, but they fight acne too.  Before I had my son these had a profound effect on my skin. Yes, I said profound.  I feel like I’ve tried everything to help fight my hormonal time of the month skin meltdown.  Nothing. Ever. Worked.  When I use this product it helps control oil and acne as well as the the couple of very fine lines I have on my forehead.  It also helps clear up existing blemishes and scarring.

When you have a baby evvverrrrything changes.  Especially with your hormones.  After my son, I honestly feel that so much changed chemically in my body that it effected how my skin reacts to products.  Regardless, I still HAVE to have this product in my life.  I use it 3-4 times a week but you can absolutely use this daily if your skin isn’t too sensitive.  This is one of those products you have to build up to daily use depending on how your skin takes it.  If it is too strong for your skin they have a sensitive version that is a gentler formula.

First, I cleanse my skin, then I apply the pad all over my face.  Let it sink into the skin for a few minutes.  I apply my eye cream and then moisturize as usual. Voila!  A little tip.  You only need half of this pad to do the job.  One tub comes with 60 pads.  CUT THOSE BABIES IN HALF! BOOM-Double the amount of product.  If you have any of the above mentioned issues and nothing is working, TRY THIS.  It can even clear up cystic acne problems and any of those random bumps that you don’t even know how to describe.  Ya know, the ones that serve ZERO purpose but to piss you off.  Peter Thomas Roth is a magical genius and I’ll ALWAYS be riding the PTR train.

What are your holy grail products?

Get PTR’s Max Complexion Correction Pads here!

Magnificent Morphe!

I recently fell in love with a new brand that is just absolutely amazing. Morphe Brushes is based out of Burbank, California. They have a free standing store and I’m extremely jealous. For the rest of us not out on the west coast, we have the internet to covet these products from afar.

At the discovery of this company from my favorite beauty youtuber Jaclyn Hill. (She literally put them on the map) they have blowwwn up in the beauty world. Not only are their prices super affordable, their quality of product is even more so if you can even wrap your head around those two both being on point.

They carry brushes and professional palettes as well as single shadows, gel liner and LA girl concealer.  The eye shadows are (about to drop a bomb on you) $2!?! Two dollars. Dos dolares.  Ok, so I know what you are thinking. There’s no way an eye shadow is 2 bucks and is worth a crap. I mean really, I can hear you right now with that look on your face like…


After all the hype I kept hearing about these products I decided to try them out.  Thankfully Christmas was right around the corner so it worked out perfectly.(Thank you Momma and Daddy!) I ordered the 20 shade concealer palette, the 10 color blush palette and the contour palette.  I also ordered 4 different brushes but that will be in a different post.  Back to the makeup.  It’s always scary ordering off the internet especially if it’s a new site/company that you are unfamiliar with.  The plus side is that I had been hearing about Morphe for a few weeks from my trusty dusty beauty vloggers on youtube and let’s be real, most of the time, what they say goes for me as far as product reviews.

These palettes are tailored more for professional use and artists.  No one person needs all those colors unless you just want to.  I mean, YOLO I guess.  The concealer palette is a cream palette and it’s got every shade you’d ever need along with great pigmentation and fantastic coverage.  This is a great palette for cream highlighting and contouring.  It also is great for color correction and just covering up anything unsightly.  These are super blendable, very creamy, and easy to work with.  Over all, totally pleased with this concealer palette.


On to the 10 color blush palette.  I really really love this thing. In comparison to the concealer palette, this one would absolutely be appropriate for anyone to purchase.  This has every blush color anyone could ever need.  Gorgeous colors, extremely pigmented and great color payoff.  I love to mix the colors in this palette for the perfect shade. There are 5 matte shades and 5 matte shades with the slightest hint of glow if you will.  Beautiful.  The best part of this palette?  It was $10 dollars! WHOOP!

034  038

Lastly, I ordered the contour and highlight palette.  This is something that once again, the average person doesn’t necessarily need when trying to accomplish a good contour.  However, if you like to play around with makeup or a makeup artist, this is  must!  It contains 6 colors.  3 highlight colors and 3 contour colors. (sidenote- I cracked the darkest color because I can’t even live my life apparently) There are two warm toned contour colors and one that is cool toned as well.  The highlight colors are a mix of pink undertones and yellow undertones and a stark white highlight which I love.  I use it to set my undereye concealer and any other places I’ve highlighted on my face.  It is almost identical to MAC’s Emphasize which is a pro powder and iss es-spen-sive.  I as usual mix shades together depending on what I am going for.  These powders are buttery soft and suuuper pigmented. They are all beautiful and great to work with.  Another great pro of this palette is the price. There are sooo many contour kits and palettes out right now and a lot of them are pretty pricey.  If you are looking for an affordable one then the buck stops here. Quality products for an amazing price. WIN!


Morphe is my JAM y’all, and that’s all there is to it.  I also got 2 single eyeshadow pans and I was blown away at the quality of them.  They are pigmented and smooth and totally gorgeous!  I love these because to allows you to build your own palette and customize it to your liking.  Seriously though, I don’t care what it is, if something is 2 dollars, you buy it!!  I love love lovvve all these products and really have nothing bad to say about them.  They have been a wonderful addition to my kit and mah life!!  So go on girl, get cha self some Morphe!

You can find all products mentioned here!








**Oily Monster update**

Alright, so I just gotta throw this quick post in here for y’all. I mentioned this product in my original oily monster post but I didn’t really touch on it.


This primer has been in my collection for a while and somehow has gotten pushed to the side..HOW I don’t know because it is hands down AMAZING! I’ll never NOT use this ever again.  I’m not kidding you.  May just stop trying new primers forever because my loyalty now lies here with Smashbox.  Smashbox has several primers tailored specifically for different issues.  This one is for the oily monsters.  I wore this to the zoo today and applied my makeup at around 11am.  Here it is 9:57 pm and my t-zone is shall I say, impeccable? But seriously, it’s almost perfection.  I’ve been checking all throughout the day expecting to need to blot.  Nope.  I actually went into the bathroom around 8 to check again and it was not shiny but maybe more of a gorgeous glow lol.  I used a blotting sheet just for kicks and it didn’t turn up nearly as much oil. SUCCESS!

So, you heard it here first! I’m officially Team Smashbox when it comes to my primer.  I think compared to my MAC prep and prime it doesn’t hold a candle.  The MAC is better suited for drier to normal skin.  I feel like a kid on Christmas who just discovered that hidden present after  thinking you’ve opened them all.  They have a smaller size that is $15 and you still get a good amount of product. If you wanna try this stuff out, you can get it here, you wont be sorry!