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well this is awkward….

Hey, hi, how ya doin? I know it has literally been a lifetime since I have posted on my blog but I pulled my website offline for several months with the intention of redoing the entire thing which I am in fact doing now but I’ll be honest….it totally took a back seat to my busy life of being a wife, mom and makeup artist. I’ve been slammed and I’m not mad about it. Don’t ask me how I’ve built a successful business in 4 years with a dinky little wordpress blog lol. (Insert shrugging brunette woman emoji) Since I last posted I’ve gone into overdrive with work and building a bridal team…oh, and I also had another baby! Things are moving pretty quickly over here at Primp This and I’m just trying to keep up! If you follow me on social media I’m extremely active on both my facebook and instagram business pages so if you thought I threw in the towel on this whole makeup artist thing……nah….I’m just gettin started ūüėČ

Also- I am beyond clueless when it comes to websites and in desperate need of someone who can simply answer a few questions for me in regards to transferring this domain to another site so I can actually have a website for my business and just a link to this blog. I have zero clue how to do any of this so if you have any tips for doing that shoot them my way! I’m back for real and I can’t wait to share all the things with yall!



Hey y’all! long time no post lol.¬† As my¬† makeup collection has continued to grow I’m always adding and taking away.¬† These products I’m listing for sale are by no means ones I don’t like.¬† I love all of them actually I just don’t reach for them as much as¬†I do others and in the name of decluttering and making¬†room I’m going to actually¬†part with some instead of hoarding.

Here’s how it works.¬†$3 to ship one item, $4 to ship¬†two items, $5 for three and 4 items or more it’s free shipping.¬†¬† I will pack everything in bubble wrap so as to facilitate a smooth delivery but once shipped all liability of any broken items is on USPS and not myself.

If you are interested in any of these items please email me at let me know what you want and I will send you an invoice and mark the item “pending” once invoice is paid I will mark it “sold” if invoice isn’t paid in 24 hours it will go back up for sale.

Hope you enjoy!



Tarte Amazonian Clay¬†“bling it on” blush palette



used only handful of times


Casey Holmes with Smashbox Spot light palette in “pearl”



used twice




Murad post acne spot lightning gel



(photo shows usage)



Sunday Riley Luna sleeping night oil



This one actually makes me cry to part with.¬† This is a holy grail product for me but alas….this baby wont let me live my life.

(photo shows usage)


I know it’s been FOREVER since I have posted but I truly have been so so busy with makeup that I have genuinely not had the time to sit down a write a proper post.¬† I apologize for that but man, it feels dang good to grow your business doing what you LOVE.¬† If you follow me on instagram then you have seen some peaks of some of the work I’ve been doing.

My weddings are amazing and I wouldn’t trade them for anything but let me tell you just a tad bit about what I’ve fallen in love with.¬† PRODUCTION.¬† Set work has become like a drug to me.¬† I still get a high anytime I work but when I am doing production work it is like a whole other world and Momma loves it.¬† I’ve been doing a lot for a specific company who creates AMAZING projects.¬† These dudes are so incredibly talented at what they do that everything they do turns to gold.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work on my first music video¬†(the song isn’t even released yet)¬†and it was insane.¬†¬† I am unable to go into detail about what music group we shot for at this very moment as it’s to be kept quiet until they are ready to “just drop it on em” the artists words not mine (insert hysterically laughing emoji) but when it is released you bet your bottom dollar ima be yappin about it because this video is going to be so¬†killer.¬†Below is just a crappy iphone pic I took so¬†Stay tuned Y’all…..





The good, the bad, the ugly.


Has anyone ever told you that all brow gels were the same? Have they ever said, “Hey girl, just slap some clear mascara on and you’re good to go”¬† If these words have ever been¬†uttered to you then I beg of you.¬† Stop what you are doing and report that person to national security IMMEDIATLY.¬† That’s borderline treason.

This post is a long time coming simply for the fact that I am an avid brow gel enthusiast.¬† I have basically tried all of them.¬† (almost no exaggeration).¬† In the beginning, I too was one of those people who thought all there was out there was clear mascara made by Maybelline.¬† Might I add, what does this ISH even do?!?!? Does anyone know? As far as I’m concerned it is straight up worthless.¬† If anyone knows the answer to my question please, feel free to leave a comment and tell me how this product has changed your life.

I swear I’ve spent the last year trying new and different ones all the time.¬† I’m still currently hunting for a Dupe of Anastacia’s Brow gel that is currently still holding the number one spot.¬† This stuff is THE BEST hands down brow gel I’ve ever used . To quote Jaclyn Hill, “it’s superglue for your brows”

It’s got a cult following as most of her products do with brunette being the most popular behind the clear.¬† If you happen to see the brunette one don’t¬†be afraid.¬† It looks super light.¬†¬†Like the color of¬†Amber- and while this is one of my favorite shades on God’s¬†green earth for various reasons. The color sadly, does not work for me.¬†I’m half Hispanic and my latina brows are all but black.

When I say that these are truly not all created equal.¬†You better believe I mean it. ¬†Some require several coats to even be worth a darn and some have terrible formulation and some are like putting straight water on your brows.¬† Not cute.¬† I use different ones for achieving different results.¬† I’m a bit OCD about my brows.¬† Whether they are filled in or just bare I typically have to run something through them or they will literally run amuck like two deranged caterpillars on my face. NO.



The 6 that are featured in this post are all ones that either kinda work, work really well or do nothing at all pretty much.¬† I’m just gonna¬†get right to it.



EssenceРI just recently found this brand at my Target and was super excited to try.  NOPE.  Just no.  Tried it several more times with several layers and nothing.  Moving on.

Maybelline Brow drama- This one used to be one¬†that I liked and used often¬†because it was all that out there drugstore wise.¬† I’ve grown to almost hate it.¬† the formula isn’t bad but it’s not a super hold.¬† If you have pretty tame brows as well as pretty thick ones this one would suit you well.¬† The wand is oddly shaped and awkwardly large.

NYX Control Freak– NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.¬† I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with this one.¬† Don’t buy it.¬† I actually may throw mine away.¬† Let give a tad of creditr real quick.¬† After 3 layers it seems as if it has some hold but it wears off throughout the duration of wearing it and for me that’s a definite no go.

Loreal brow plumper– I actually really like this one because it does what it says.¬† It adds a hint of color and absolutely gives me a¬†fuller polished look.¬† I have to use several coats which kind of annoys me but otherwise I really like it.¬† Still not as strong of a hold as I’m looking for but I’ll continue to use it.

Sonia Kashuk– This is a decent product it just doesn’t work for me.¬† Its way too light of a color.¬† If you’re¬†a true brunette this would be prefect¬† Even dark blondes could potentially use this.¬† Again with this one-the hold is not great.

Ready for the surprise of a lifetime?¬† The best one out of all of these is also the cheapest one.¬† Coming in at 2 dollars as my favorite affordable brow gel is ELF’s Clear brow and lash mascara.¬† All I need is 2 coats and they are locked in place all day!¬† I’m obsessed with this stuff! I buy it in bulk for myself and for my kit.¬† It’s honestly the best I’ve ever used besides Anastacia’s for $22 (shoot me).


This product will work for anyone because it is clear and you can’t beat versatility like that.¬† Grab you one at Target! I’ll be doing so later today….because y’all already know.. Target is life.

Leave a comment if you have a brow gel that is awesome and is apparently super secret ūüėČ






Just another lip gloss?

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a lip product junkie.¬† Ok, lets be real.¬† I’m a product fiend in general but I LOVVVVE lip products.¬† Honestly though, it’s strange because I absolutely HATE my lips.¬† Hate the shape, pretty much hate everything about them.¬† They are too thin and just puny.¬† I usually stick to pinks/mauvy nude colors and glosses because wearing deep dark shades tends to make small lips look even smaller.¬† It’s true because…science.

I love the deep dark vampy shades too so it’s a real bummer.¬† My lips can get really out of whack sometimes too.¬† I don’t know if it’s the weather or what but every now and then they will feel like the sahara dessert.¬† I don’t mean like peeling and cracking either.¬† They look totally normal from the outside but from the inside they are slowly and successfully driving me insane.¬† They will feel tight and almost like they got sunburned but they actually didn’t.

I’ve always been a firm obsessor of chapstick (what girl isn’t) and have never had a problem keeping my lips moisturized.¬† Until two weeks ago….

Lemme start from the beginning because this post is actually a review of a product that was sent to me to try.  I woke up one morning to the driest my lips have ever felt.  I noticed it when I yawned.  Bloody hell that was awful.  What is going on?!  I ran to the mirror and they looked perfectly normal.  These two little biotches were trying to ruin me from the inside.  I threw on some chapstick and went about my morning.  Fast forward to literally 3 mins later.

My lips were bare and dry again as if I had put NOTHING on.  They almost felt worse?!  I remembered a product back in my bedroom that I had been meaning to really give a try.  The product is called LipGlam and they are a company in the UK.  I fumbled to get the top off as quickly as possible and squeezed.  Nothing came out.  Squeezed harder and finally some made its way to the top.  SWEET RELIEF!

This stuff is pretty amazing. It is lanolin based and all natural.¬† It’s pretty thick and you are instructed to warm it up in between your fingers to apply but Mama aint got no time for that! Once I coated my lips in this stuff they instantly felt better.¬† They felt bearable again.¬† BONUS and pretty big reason I love this stuff.¬† Longevity.¬†It claims to supply 8 hours of moisture.¬† Well folks, it really does.

I put this on at night before I drift off to dreamland (which by the way I’ve been having some bizarre ones)¬†and I’m not just talking about slapping a light wash of it on no, no.¬† I mean I slather on the thickest amount I can without getting it on my pillow case.¬† I know I must look like one of those 80’s music video girls applying copious amounts of lip gloss trying to look sexy but I assure you I look like a worn out mama in a mens vneck tshirt, hair in a bun with the shiniest lips you’ve ever seen lol.

I’ve always used aquaphor on my lips or¬†the¬†little tub of Vaseline in coco butter¬†when they really needed hydration but even that, my tried¬†and true wasn’t cutting it.¬† LipGlam gets the job done and with all natural ingredients!¬† It’s also paraben free and dermatologist tested.¬† It’s thicker than anything I’ve ever used and that’s exactly why I love it.¬† You can also use this on your skin for dry areas, cuticles, and even split ends.

If you are searching for a lip product that actually moisturizes and doesn’t disappear off your lips in two seconds I HIGHLY recommend ordering some LipGlam.¬† The ONLY con which isn’t really even a con is the slight smell of lanolin you get when first applying.¬† I just don’t love the smell but, it’s very faint and goes away almost instantly.

What I wouldn’t give to have this product sold at my Target.¬† I swear I need to purchase stock in Target.¬†I would honestly lose it if I couldn’t go there.¬† The thought of stopping my target trips gives¬†me anxiety.¬†¬† I mean what’s not to love¬†though?¬† It’s got a starbucks AND it’s by a quarry so cell service is spotty and I’m forced to give my phone a break so for me I’d say its only adding to the quality of my life (haahaha)

Enough rambling for now.¬† I love this product and don’t think I can be without it anymore.¬† I have no idea about conversion rates but I want to say that their shipping fee is very reasonable.¬† I wanna¬† say 3 bucks?¬† The¬† product itself I believe is 10 or 11 bucks.¬† Very good price point for such an awesome quality¬†product.¬† Leave a comment down below if you have any lip favorites that you can’t be without.¬† You know I’m always on the hunt!¬† Also-If you have any requests for particular¬†blog posts, topics or reviews of products¬†feel free to email me at¬† I’d love to hear opinions from my readers on what you want.


You can order your own LipGlam here!




I’ve been waging a literal war against my skin for about 6 months now.¬† I’m not kidding.¬† I should be getting paid for all this work, effort and MONEY spent to get my skin in check.¬† I would say my skins been in boot camp if you will.

I recently had it confirmed by my dermatologist that I have mild rosacea on my inner cheeks as well as VERY sensitive skin.¬† Now, these two things¬†don’t bode well for the makeup and product loving junkie that I am.¬† I’ve¬†kinda known these two things for a while but like an idiot pretended¬†they didn’t exist lol.

After accepting the painful truth about my skin I decided to do a complete overhaul of the products I was using in hopes to turn the tides for my skin.¬† So, that’s what I’ve been doing.¬† The crappy part about this is that I love to try new products.¬† Not only for myself but for my¬†clients and in my kit.¬† I’m always looking for the next best thing.¬† Well, you can’t do that when you have skin issues like mine.¬† You’re asking for it and over the past few years I’ve been gettin it.

One of the products I’ve been loving is actually something I’ve been using now for about a year.¬† Bye Bye redness is a neutralizing correcting cream by¬†IT cosmetics.¬† It covers redness like nothing I’ve ever seen before.¬† I’m serious.¬† This comes in one shade and can adjust to almost any skin tone.

This cream is very fluffy and lightweight but is also super creamy which I love.  This gives enough coverage that you could actually put this on alone and walk out the door.  I usually just stipple this on with a small duo fiber brush.  I use that brush because my skin gets red if you just look at it sideways.  The less pressure and rubbing I have to do the better.  I pat some on and swirl it in with my brush.

Even with my skin being uncooperative a lot of the time it does have its good days and good weeks even.¬† I have to stay on my regimen but if I do I have pretty good results.¬† Some days I even have no redness at all and other it’s like¬†my face has¬†been repeatedly flicked with rubber bands.¬†¬† The bye bye redness cream is great under foundation or worn alone but I will say make sure you are good and moisturized before application as¬†it¬†can dry you out a bit and cling to dry patches a bit.¬† Not cute.

It’s also great for covering blemishes and pretty much anything unsightly.¬† If you have redness of any kind or mild rosacea like me you HAVE to get this product.¬†I get mine at Ulta or you can¬†order here!

It is on the pricier side at $32 for a tub¬†but you get a good amount of product and a little goes a long way.¬† Totally worth it in my book.¬† I’ve not found anything that covers as well as this does along with all the other added benefits the cream has.¬† Anti-aging properties, peptides and collagen are just to name a few.

[I’ve used this on a lot of my clients and their jaws always drop when they see what a difference it makes.}

As for me I’ll continue to fight¬†the good fight against my naughty skin and hopefully someday soon we will be on the same team.¬† I’ve got a good feeling.


this one2


Anytime I get onto the internet my main purpose is to accomplish some form of work.¬† Whether it’s selling things on the local¬†buy sell trade pages on facebook, uploading to my Instagram beauty¬†page or correspondence with clients,¬†I always set out with a purpose.¬† However, me, myself and my ADD generally get off task pretty quickly. I’m not saying I don’t finish what¬†I set out¬†to do but I will take about 55 detours on the way.¬† I can multitask with the best of em and most people with¬†ADD know what I’m talking about.

This brings me to Pandora’s box.¬† From time to time I get onto craigslist for whatever reason or another whether it’s to look for a¬†certain piece of furniture/ baby item I’m hunting for¬†or I’m scoping out the different listings for “Gigs” .¬† What I’m about to share with you may dramatically¬†change your priorites when you venture onto craigslist going forward.

I happened to stumble upon this odd section of the want ads after hearing my favorite morning DJ read excerpts from¬†it.¬†(Wells if you are reading this¬†we miss you!!)¬† Some of you may already know what I’m talking about.


What’s that you say? Oh, I said missed connestions.¬†¬† I DARE you to stop reading this blog post right now, open up a new tab real¬†quick¬†and go look it up.¬† I’ll probably see you never.¬† Once you start you cant stop.¬† It is literally a place dedicated to people looking for other people.¬† I’ll post an example below..

Murfreesboro O’Charley’s – m4w (Last Thursday night…)

Tennessee : Tennessee

“You were a GORGEOUS blonde, about 105 lbs. About 9pm on the 15th. You were with a real tall guy. I don’t know if it was your boyfriend or a 1st date or what. But it seemed like we kept staring at each other. Maybe you were staring at me, cause I kept staring at you. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe I’m an idiot. Tell me who I was with…..I would love to see you again.”


yes, you just read that right.¬† It’s like an anonymous call out to whomever you hope might be reading.¬† Now, this is a VERY mild version of some of the shenanigans I’ve read on missed connections.¬† I’ve actually come across some very sentimental and romantic posts of unrequited love and lost.¬† Quite heart wrenching actually.¬† Those are the ones that get me.¬† Next to the hilarious ones about the chick in the del sol who was super hot. (dying laughing as I typed that)

Point being, as I dove deeper into these posts because they are absolutely and completely addicting I realized…these people being posted to should feel such an honor.¬† That someone at a gas station is so taken by your red crimpy hair that they feel the urge to post about it on Craigslist in hopes of connecting with you.¬† Honestly though- I secretly love it.¬† I’m such a hopeless romantic that I can only hope and dream that “short guy” from the Lebanon Wal-Mart can find his Juliet.¬† In the form of the broad shouldered gal buying rice on isle 6.¬† (That was a legitimate posting.) I swear I find myself reading through these every other day lol.

I know I’m so off topic right now but I just HAD to share this with y’all.¬† I spend SOOOO much of my time on Instagram and youtube and various other makeup and beauty sites completely consumed in the vanity that is the beauty industry that¬†I¬†HAVE to break away and read something else or I will¬†combust.¬†These posts give me life I swear.¬† People still want to connect and form relationships in the midst of all these new dating sites and apps that have literally sucked out all the romance of being two people searching for someone like them.

Again- I apologize for posting about something so off-topic from my make-up and beauty business but this is just something I needed to share.¬† It’s too good.¬† People write poetry to others on MC they¬†share their thoughts and feelings completely without inhibition because they are “anonymous” unless they choose to sign off¬†with some sort of code or initial that the other person is supposed to recognize.¬† People get so detailed on here and that’s the point.¬† They WANT¬†the other person to see it¬†and KNOW it’s for them.

Here’s how I think my posting would go….

I saw you in Sephora last Monday night.¬† I had my son with me so you probably think that I’m too much work.¬† You were shining bright like a diamond in the Hourglass aisle.¬† Sitting next to all those bronzers, I couldn’t even see anyone but you.¬† Come to me Luminous light.¬† I’ve had other highlighters before and none can compare to what you give me.¬† My skin….it’s like…magic.¬† Magical glowiness.¬† I day dream of you and know one day you’ll see this and know I’ll never forget you or give up on you….we will be together again and not in just the sample size.


WHOA- yeah….I get pretty intense when it comes to my highlighters.

In closing, if you have some feelings that need to be shared or¬†a message that just has to get out.¬† Missed Connections is the way to go.¬† Even if it doesn’t make it to its intended destination just know…I’ll probably read it and my heart will soar for you.

and now back to our regularly scheduled program…………¬† Review on the Lipglam lipgloss will be up this week!

xoxoxo- J






Worth the hype?

So I know we all hear about certain makeup and certain products that are all the rage and are everywhere we turn.¬† Companies spend millions of dollars on ads and campaigning for these new products that deep down¬†in your heart you just know they have to be amazing….right??¬† WRONG.¬† Soooo many times I’m banking on a product to blow me out of the water and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.¬† Others I’m horrifically disappointed.

The product on the chopping block today is the Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting¬†powder.¬† I’ve been DYING to try this¬†and I finally purchased some. I have been hearing about this stuff for a while now and it’s been completely hyped up and talked about by everyone and their mother.¬† I’m a huge fan of translucent powders but,¬†I’m also very particular about them.¬† I’ve tried so many different kinds and have some that do the job but again..I haven’t been wowed.

I’ve been using this powder now for about a month and I do have to say that I freakin love it.¬† I use this to set under eye concealer and pretty much my whole face during the these summer months where the possibility of your makeup literally¬†sliding off your face is a¬†valid threat.¬† I’ve used Ben Nye’s banana powder, Makeup Forevers hd powder (which I hate) and for years the Tarte Amazonian Clay loose setting power “Smooth Operator”. I still really like those two products but, Laura Mercier really killed it with this one.

This stuff really is translucent.¬† So many powders make this claim and I’m here to tell you…They is lyin.¬† WHITE, their powders are WHITE.¬† You heard it here first.¬† The next best thing about this powder is the formulation.¬† I don’t know whether she managed to actually bottle a cloud into a makeup jar but that’s the equivalent.¬† This powder is so finely milled that it’s borderline creamy.¬† So serious right now.

It literally melts into your skin and doesn’t make you so matte that you look like¬†a clay figure.¬† It’s¬†a beautiful finish and really does it’s job of holding my makeup in place (at least¬†until the oily monster rears her ugly¬†head)¬†It is on the pricier side and y’all know I love some affordable¬†dupes but this stuff cannot be replicated.¬† The Tarte one aforementioned is the closest thing I’ve ever found and still Laura Mercier is better.¬† like, way better.¬† I use this on all my clients and myself and it will probably remain a staple in my kit from here on out.

I got the full size one and you really get a TON of product.  Totes worth it if you are in the market for an amazing setting powder, look no further.  You can purchase it here!

Let me know in the comments what your holy grail setting powders are!

LM powder lm powder2



Oily Monster Update part Deux

So, as a product junkie and self proclaimed beauty hoarder I find myself becoming obsessed with certain types of products and wanting to try them all.¬† Realistic no?¬† This does come in quite handy as a makeup artist though.¬† As an oily girl y’all know that¬†I’ve got an arsenal and a finite routine to control and manage the oily monster.¬† I’m always looking for the next trick or product to contribute to the cause.

When it comes to makeup application, I absolutely MUST use a primer and MUST use a setting spray.¬† These are non-negotiables in my life.¬† There are tons and tons of both on the market.¬† Lots of hits and looooots¬†of misses.¬† The product I’m reviewing today is a long time coming.¬† This¬†company¬†is such a huge staple¬†in the primer and setting spray arena and I was overjoyed that they sent out two of their new product for me to try.

Skindinavia is no new comer to the game.¬† In my opinion, they¬†hands down make¬†the best setting sprays out there.¬† Now, I know what you are thinking…”wait, what about Urban Decay’s¬†setting sprays?!” Oh…..I got you honey.¬† Look on the the back bottom portion of your UD Sprays.¬†¬† Whose name do you see? ¬†Ope-that’s right.¬† Skindinavia.¬† They are SO good at what they do they make sprays for OTHER companies.

I’ve religiously used UD’s all-nighter on my self and clients for years but when it comes to my brides…I’m all about that Model in a Bottle life.¬† Model in a Bottle blows EVERYONE out of the water.¬† You want your makeup to last two weeks? Pick that guy up.¬† I have to¬†order online but it’s sooo worth the wait.¬† I could go on and on about that spray but we are are here to talk about their new products.


This makeup primer spray is specifically for my oily gals and¬† y’all know how excited I get when things are tailored to my skin lol.¬† This stuff is oil free and paraben free which are two HUGE pluses for me.¬† I think the part I love most about this is the fact that it’s hands free.¬† For people with oily skin or acne prone skin, touching your face is about the worst thing you can do.¬† The germs and just plain¬†nastiness that’s on your hands is deplorable.¬† Hopefully you are washing your hands before makeup application but, that’s none of my business.

This spray claims to diminish pore size and make your skin a smooth even canvas for application, control oil throughout the day and keep makeup in place for 16 hours.¬† I’d say for me it does a pretty good job.¬† I’ve been using it on myself and clients for a few months¬†and I’m impressed with the results.¬†¬†In this 90¬†degree plus weather I need all the help I can get and the less creams¬†I have on my face the better my makeup stays on.

I’m not saying that I still don’t have to blot and maybe use a touch of powder throughout the day…I mean c’mon…I’m not Iron Man.¬† But, the fact that I don’t have to rub my hands all over my face is so glorious to me that I’ll keep using this guy pretty often.¬† I still love my Smashbox but, what I’ve found works the best for me is¬†a few sprays of my Skindinavia primer¬†and some Smashbox Photo Finish Light in my t-zone and it’s¬†showtime.

I always use these two in conjunction because duh-they were made for each other.¬† I really do love these sprays and highly recommend them for all skin types.¬† Shoutout to my oily girls though…y’all will love this stuff!


BIG thanks to this awesome company for sending these goodies to me…I was loyal before but even more so now! Here’s a link to purchase your own Skindinavia products!

Do any of y’all use these setting sprays? Leave a comment and lemme know what you think!