Monthly Archives: February 2019

well this is awkward….

Hey, hi, how ya doin? I know it has literally been a lifetime since I have posted on my blog but I pulled my website offline for several months with the intention of redoing the entire thing which I am in fact doing now but I’ll be honest….it totally took a back seat to my busy life of being a wife, mom and makeup artist. I’ve been slammed and I’m not mad about it. Don’t ask me how I’ve built a successful business in 4 years with a dinky little wordpress blog lol. (Insert shrugging brunette woman emoji) Since I last posted I’ve gone into overdrive with work and building a bridal team…oh, and I also had another baby! Things are moving pretty quickly over here at Primp This and I’m just trying to keep up! If you follow me on social media I’m extremely active on both my facebook and instagram business pages so if you thought I threw in the towel on this whole makeup artist thing……nah….I’m just gettin started 😉

Also- I am beyond clueless when it comes to websites and in desperate need of someone who can simply answer a few questions for me in regards to transferring this domain to another site so I can actually have a website for my business and just a link to this blog. I have zero clue how to do any of this so if you have any tips for doing that shoot them my way! I’m back for real and I can’t wait to share all the things with yall!