I know it’s been FOREVER since I have posted but I truly have been so so busy with makeup that I have genuinely not had the time to sit down a write a proper post.  I apologize for that but man, it feels dang good to grow your business doing what you LOVE.  If you follow me on instagram then you have seen some peaks of some of the work I’ve been doing.

My weddings are amazing and I wouldn’t trade them for anything but let me tell you just a tad bit about what I’ve fallen in love with.  PRODUCTION.  Set work has become like a drug to me.  I still get a high anytime I work but when I am doing production work it is like a whole other world and Momma loves it.  I’ve been doing a lot for a specific company who creates AMAZING projects.  These dudes are so incredibly talented at what they do that everything they do turns to gold.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work on my first music video (the song isn’t even released yet) and it was insane.   I am unable to go into detail about what music group we shot for at this very moment as it’s to be kept quiet until they are ready to “just drop it on em” the artists words not mine (insert hysterically laughing emoji) but when it is released you bet your bottom dollar ima be yappin about it because this video is going to be so killer. Below is just a crappy iphone pic I took so Stay tuned Y’all…..





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