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The good, the bad, the ugly.


Has anyone ever told you that all brow gels were the same? Have they ever said, “Hey girl, just slap some clear mascara on and you’re good to go”  If these words have ever been uttered to you then I beg of you.  Stop what you are doing and report that person to national security IMMEDIATLY.  That’s borderline treason.

This post is a long time coming simply for the fact that I am an avid brow gel enthusiast.  I have basically tried all of them.  (almost no exaggeration).  In the beginning, I too was one of those people who thought all there was out there was clear mascara made by Maybelline.  Might I add, what does this ISH even do?!?!? Does anyone know? As far as I’m concerned it is straight up worthless.  If anyone knows the answer to my question please, feel free to leave a comment and tell me how this product has changed your life.

I swear I’ve spent the last year trying new and different ones all the time.  I’m still currently hunting for a Dupe of Anastacia’s Brow gel that is currently still holding the number one spot.  This stuff is THE BEST hands down brow gel I’ve ever used . To quote Jaclyn Hill, “it’s superglue for your brows”

It’s got a cult following as most of her products do with brunette being the most popular behind the clear.  If you happen to see the brunette one don’t be afraid.  It looks super light.  Like the color of Amber- and while this is one of my favorite shades on God’s green earth for various reasons. The color sadly, does not work for me. I’m half Hispanic and my latina brows are all but black.

When I say that these are truly not all created equal. You better believe I mean it.  Some require several coats to even be worth a darn and some have terrible formulation and some are like putting straight water on your brows.  Not cute.  I use different ones for achieving different results.  I’m a bit OCD about my brows.  Whether they are filled in or just bare I typically have to run something through them or they will literally run amuck like two deranged caterpillars on my face. NO.



The 6 that are featured in this post are all ones that either kinda work, work really well or do nothing at all pretty much.  I’m just gonna get right to it.



Essence– I just recently found this brand at my Target and was super excited to try.  NOPE.  Just no.  Tried it several more times with several layers and nothing.  Moving on.

Maybelline Brow drama- This one used to be one that I liked and used often because it was all that out there drugstore wise.  I’ve grown to almost hate it.  the formula isn’t bad but it’s not a super hold.  If you have pretty tame brows as well as pretty thick ones this one would suit you well.  The wand is oddly shaped and awkwardly large.

NYX Control Freak– NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with this one.  Don’t buy it.  I actually may throw mine away.  Let give a tad of creditr real quick.  After 3 layers it seems as if it has some hold but it wears off throughout the duration of wearing it and for me that’s a definite no go.

Loreal brow plumper– I actually really like this one because it does what it says.  It adds a hint of color and absolutely gives me a fuller polished look.  I have to use several coats which kind of annoys me but otherwise I really like it.  Still not as strong of a hold as I’m looking for but I’ll continue to use it.

Sonia Kashuk– This is a decent product it just doesn’t work for me.  Its way too light of a color.  If you’re a true brunette this would be prefect  Even dark blondes could potentially use this.  Again with this one-the hold is not great.

Ready for the surprise of a lifetime?  The best one out of all of these is also the cheapest one.  Coming in at 2 dollars as my favorite affordable brow gel is ELF’s Clear brow and lash mascara.  All I need is 2 coats and they are locked in place all day!  I’m obsessed with this stuff! I buy it in bulk for myself and for my kit.  It’s honestly the best I’ve ever used besides Anastacia’s for $22 (shoot me).


This product will work for anyone because it is clear and you can’t beat versatility like that.  Grab you one at Target! I’ll be doing so later today….because y’all already know.. Target is life.

Leave a comment if you have a brow gel that is awesome and is apparently super secret 😉