Just another lip gloss?

Hi, my name is Jessica and I’m a lip product junkie.  Ok, lets be real.  I’m a product fiend in general but I LOVVVVE lip products.  Honestly though, it’s strange because I absolutely HATE my lips.  Hate the shape, pretty much hate everything about them.  They are too thin and just puny.  I usually stick to pinks/mauvy nude colors and glosses because wearing deep dark shades tends to make small lips look even smaller.  It’s true because…science.

I love the deep dark vampy shades too so it’s a real bummer.  My lips can get really out of whack sometimes too.  I don’t know if it’s the weather or what but every now and then they will feel like the sahara dessert.  I don’t mean like peeling and cracking either.  They look totally normal from the outside but from the inside they are slowly and successfully driving me insane.  They will feel tight and almost like they got sunburned but they actually didn’t.

I’ve always been a firm obsessor of chapstick (what girl isn’t) and have never had a problem keeping my lips moisturized.  Until two weeks ago….

Lemme start from the beginning because this post is actually a review of a product that was sent to me to try.  I woke up one morning to the driest my lips have ever felt.  I noticed it when I yawned.  Bloody hell that was awful.  What is going on?!  I ran to the mirror and they looked perfectly normal.  These two little biotches were trying to ruin me from the inside.  I threw on some chapstick and went about my morning.  Fast forward to literally 3 mins later.

My lips were bare and dry again as if I had put NOTHING on.  They almost felt worse?!  I remembered a product back in my bedroom that I had been meaning to really give a try.  The product is called LipGlam and they are a company in the UK.  I fumbled to get the top off as quickly as possible and squeezed.  Nothing came out.  Squeezed harder and finally some made its way to the top.  SWEET RELIEF!

This stuff is pretty amazing. It is lanolin based and all natural.  It’s pretty thick and you are instructed to warm it up in between your fingers to apply but Mama aint got no time for that! Once I coated my lips in this stuff they instantly felt better.  They felt bearable again.  BONUS and pretty big reason I love this stuff.  Longevity. It claims to supply 8 hours of moisture.  Well folks, it really does.

I put this on at night before I drift off to dreamland (which by the way I’ve been having some bizarre ones) and I’m not just talking about slapping a light wash of it on no, no.  I mean I slather on the thickest amount I can without getting it on my pillow case.  I know I must look like one of those 80’s music video girls applying copious amounts of lip gloss trying to look sexy but I assure you I look like a worn out mama in a mens vneck tshirt, hair in a bun with the shiniest lips you’ve ever seen lol.

I’ve always used aquaphor on my lips or the little tub of Vaseline in coco butter when they really needed hydration but even that, my tried and true wasn’t cutting it.  LipGlam gets the job done and with all natural ingredients!  It’s also paraben free and dermatologist tested.  It’s thicker than anything I’ve ever used and that’s exactly why I love it.  You can also use this on your skin for dry areas, cuticles, and even split ends.

If you are searching for a lip product that actually moisturizes and doesn’t disappear off your lips in two seconds I HIGHLY recommend ordering some LipGlam.  The ONLY con which isn’t really even a con is the slight smell of lanolin you get when first applying.  I just don’t love the smell but, it’s very faint and goes away almost instantly.

What I wouldn’t give to have this product sold at my Target.  I swear I need to purchase stock in Target. I would honestly lose it if I couldn’t go there.  The thought of stopping my target trips gives me anxiety.   I mean what’s not to love though?  It’s got a starbucks AND it’s by a quarry so cell service is spotty and I’m forced to give my phone a break so for me I’d say its only adding to the quality of my life (haahaha)

Enough rambling for now.  I love this product and don’t think I can be without it anymore.  I have no idea about conversion rates but I want to say that their shipping fee is very reasonable.  I wanna  say 3 bucks?  The  product itself I believe is 10 or 11 bucks.  Very good price point for such an awesome quality product.  Leave a comment down below if you have any lip favorites that you can’t be without.  You know I’m always on the hunt!  Also-If you have any requests for particular blog posts, topics or reviews of products feel free to email me at Jessica@primpthis.com  I’d love to hear opinions from my readers on what you want.


You can order your own LipGlam here!



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