Anytime I get onto the internet my main purpose is to accomplish some form of work.  Whether it’s selling things on the local buy sell trade pages on facebook, uploading to my Instagram beauty page or correspondence with clients, I always set out with a purpose.  However, me, myself and my ADD generally get off task pretty quickly. I’m not saying I don’t finish what I set out to do but I will take about 55 detours on the way.  I can multitask with the best of em and most people with ADD know what I’m talking about.

This brings me to Pandora’s box.  From time to time I get onto craigslist for whatever reason or another whether it’s to look for a certain piece of furniture/ baby item I’m hunting for or I’m scoping out the different listings for “Gigs” .  What I’m about to share with you may dramatically change your priorites when you venture onto craigslist going forward.

I happened to stumble upon this odd section of the want ads after hearing my favorite morning DJ read excerpts from it. (Wells if you are reading this we miss you!!)  Some of you may already know what I’m talking about.


What’s that you say? Oh, I said missed connestions.   I DARE you to stop reading this blog post right now, open up a new tab real quick and go look it up.  I’ll probably see you never.  Once you start you cant stop.  It is literally a place dedicated to people looking for other people.  I’ll post an example below..

Murfreesboro O’Charley’s – m4w (Last Thursday night…)

Tennessee : Tennessee

“You were a GORGEOUS blonde, about 105 lbs. About 9pm on the 15th. You were with a real tall guy. I don’t know if it was your boyfriend or a 1st date or what. But it seemed like we kept staring at each other. Maybe you were staring at me, cause I kept staring at you. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe I’m an idiot. Tell me who I was with…..I would love to see you again.”


yes, you just read that right.  It’s like an anonymous call out to whomever you hope might be reading.  Now, this is a VERY mild version of some of the shenanigans I’ve read on missed connections.  I’ve actually come across some very sentimental and romantic posts of unrequited love and lost.  Quite heart wrenching actually.  Those are the ones that get me.  Next to the hilarious ones about the chick in the del sol who was super hot. (dying laughing as I typed that)

Point being, as I dove deeper into these posts because they are absolutely and completely addicting I realized…these people being posted to should feel such an honor.  That someone at a gas station is so taken by your red crimpy hair that they feel the urge to post about it on Craigslist in hopes of connecting with you.  Honestly though- I secretly love it.  I’m such a hopeless romantic that I can only hope and dream that “short guy” from the Lebanon Wal-Mart can find his Juliet.  In the form of the broad shouldered gal buying rice on isle 6.  (That was a legitimate posting.) I swear I find myself reading through these every other day lol.

I know I’m so off topic right now but I just HAD to share this with y’all.  I spend SOOOO much of my time on Instagram and youtube and various other makeup and beauty sites completely consumed in the vanity that is the beauty industry that I HAVE to break away and read something else or I will combust. These posts give me life I swear.  People still want to connect and form relationships in the midst of all these new dating sites and apps that have literally sucked out all the romance of being two people searching for someone like them.

Again- I apologize for posting about something so off-topic from my make-up and beauty business but this is just something I needed to share.  It’s too good.  People write poetry to others on MC they share their thoughts and feelings completely without inhibition because they are “anonymous” unless they choose to sign off with some sort of code or initial that the other person is supposed to recognize.  People get so detailed on here and that’s the point.  They WANT the other person to see it and KNOW it’s for them.

Here’s how I think my posting would go….

I saw you in Sephora last Monday night.  I had my son with me so you probably think that I’m too much work.  You were shining bright like a diamond in the Hourglass aisle.  Sitting next to all those bronzers, I couldn’t even see anyone but you.  Come to me Luminous light.  I’ve had other highlighters before and none can compare to what you give me.  My skin….it’s like…magic.  Magical glowiness.  I day dream of you and know one day you’ll see this and know I’ll never forget you or give up on you….we will be together again and not in just the sample size.


WHOA- yeah….I get pretty intense when it comes to my highlighters.

In closing, if you have some feelings that need to be shared or a message that just has to get out.  Missed Connections is the way to go.  Even if it doesn’t make it to its intended destination just know…I’ll probably read it and my heart will soar for you.

and now back to our regularly scheduled program…………  Review on the Lipglam lipgloss will be up this week!

xoxoxo- J






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