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Worth the hype?

So I know we all hear about certain makeup and certain products that are all the rage and are everywhere we turn.  Companies spend millions of dollars on ads and campaigning for these new products that deep down in your heart you just know they have to be amazing….right??  WRONG.  Soooo many times I’m banking on a product to blow me out of the water and sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.  Others I’m horrifically disappointed.

The product on the chopping block today is the Laura Mercier Translucent loose setting powder.  I’ve been DYING to try this and I finally purchased some. I have been hearing about this stuff for a while now and it’s been completely hyped up and talked about by everyone and their mother.  I’m a huge fan of translucent powders but, I’m also very particular about them.  I’ve tried so many different kinds and have some that do the job but again..I haven’t been wowed.

I’ve been using this powder now for about a month and I do have to say that I freakin love it.  I use this to set under eye concealer and pretty much my whole face during the these summer months where the possibility of your makeup literally sliding off your face is a valid threat.  I’ve used Ben Nye’s banana powder, Makeup Forevers hd powder (which I hate) and for years the Tarte Amazonian Clay loose setting power “Smooth Operator”. I still really like those two products but, Laura Mercier really killed it with this one.

This stuff really is translucent.  So many powders make this claim and I’m here to tell you…They is lyin.  WHITE, their powders are WHITE.  You heard it here first.  The next best thing about this powder is the formulation.  I don’t know whether she managed to actually bottle a cloud into a makeup jar but that’s the equivalent.  This powder is so finely milled that it’s borderline creamy.  So serious right now.

It literally melts into your skin and doesn’t make you so matte that you look like a clay figure.  It’s a beautiful finish and really does it’s job of holding my makeup in place (at least until the oily monster rears her ugly head) It is on the pricier side and y’all know I love some affordable dupes but this stuff cannot be replicated.  The Tarte one aforementioned is the closest thing I’ve ever found and still Laura Mercier is better.  like, way better.  I use this on all my clients and myself and it will probably remain a staple in my kit from here on out.

I got the full size one and you really get a TON of product.  Totes worth it if you are in the market for an amazing setting powder, look no further.  You can purchase it here!

Let me know in the comments what your holy grail setting powders are!

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