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So, I’m sorry I’m so terrible and have been mia BUT, in my defense I’ve had a very hectic last few months. Moving is a B. What I think I may start doing is more frequent shorter posts. Y’all know how I can get to ramblin sometimes. With that being said, I’m a really nostalgic person and I find myself daydreaming sometimes about times gone by. Whether it’s a childhood memory or a time in my life that is just forever cemented in my brain. It’s also quite funny how much a song, or even a smell can take you to another place and time. I love that something so simple can be so powerful over your brain.
This brings me to my topic today. It’s an old school favorite. An oldie but a goodie. This guy is an OG and has been ridin with me since high school! I just posted on instagram a few days ago talking about this product because I had forgotten how much I love it.  I’m not sure if I love it so much because of the memories that go along with it or what. But I love.

Bonne Bell is my homegirl. We all had the chapsticks and they were all bomb. If I could get my hands on some Dr. Pepper Chapstick right now I’d be super happy. My hands down favorite of the Bonne Bell product line are her lip lites lip glosses.

I will say that since I’ve purchased these as an adult I’m almost positive the formula has been changed. It’s not as thick and shiny as it used to be and at first it bothered me. Maybe because I felt that because the formula had been tampered with that my memories had also been as well. I know it’s ridiculous.

Regardless, I actually really like the new formula. It’s less messy. The one non negotiable I had was the scent and the taste. Ya, I said taste because unless you’ve been living under a rock since the 80’s you’re aware of how amazing and spot on Bonne Bell is with the way the products smell and taste.  I give you “cappucino”



I mentioned in the Instagram post how I keep this dude in my son’s baby bag as my “backup” gloss that I use in a pinch. I feel less anxiety if he lives in there at all times. That he’s in there waiting to save my day… And he always does. I’ve been reaching for my cappucino gloss a lot lately and he just got upgraded to my purse for a bit.

I wrote about another lip lites gloss in a dupe post. Check it out if you haven’t. I love this gloss and it’s for so many reasons. It’s beautiful on, I love the formulation, and the smell…. Oh the smell! My entire high school career in a tiny tube. My girlfriends and I had the entire collection between us all.

If you’re feeling nostalgic like me I’d suggest ordering straight from the Bonne Bell website. Here in Middle Tennessee NO ONE carries these anymore. Trust me. I spent an entire Saturday hunting.  They are also super affordable and who doesn’t love that. What products take you back? I  finally got my comments section enabled so I’d love to hear from y’all! See ya on memory lane!