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Bronzed and Glowy



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Now that the weather here in Tennessee has finally decided to act right.  I think I can safely say that Spring has sprung!  It’s time to ditch the leggings and boots and commit to shaving our legs again (shoot me).  But honestly, even my olive toned skin that tans super easy is looking ghostly.  It’s about this time of year I start to pump some color back into my life and by that I mean literally pumping self tanner on myself.

It’s a very delicate dance I have to do in order to find the perfect self tanner.  I’m not completely cool or warm toned so something that suits both is what I’m looking for.  I typically use the Tan Towels which I love but y’all know me I’m always hunting for dupes and drugstore alternatives.  Loreal Sublime Bronze Line I think is just the ticket.  They are so super easy to use and I think the color is a really great.   These are the same concept as the tan towels.  They are like big baby wipes that are saturated with tan. If you are wanting immediate color pay off these are not it.  They take at least 4 hours to start developing.  I always do these at night before be and wake up like a tropical goddess.

tan towel

What I’m really loving this season is a new tanning product and Hallelujah, it’s drug store! I’ve always loved Jergens products and their new tanning foam is AMAZING!!  I love this stuff for so many reasons.  One- the colorguard.  I want to be able to see what I’m doing and where product is going on my skin.  Lest I end up a 12 like Ross on Friends.  There are two shades in this line and I’m the deep color.  This is an immediate tan to your skin and it’s beautiful.  The bottle says it takes 60 seconds to dry.  this is false but not a deal breaker.  Takes more like 15 minutes to completely dry and feel like it’s absorbed.


I really do love the foam concept and the formula.  It doesn’t streak and I just feel overall its easier to handle.  As usual though you have to be careful around wrists and ankles as to make sure you blend those lines of demarcation.  It can be done and the way I’ve been doing it seems to help.  I use a wedge makeup sponge.  The ones you can get at any drugstore in a pack.  These are PERFECT to help place color and blend around those areas.  Also on your feet too.

I’d say that this has a pretty great staying power as well.  If I apply on a Sunday night, I’ve still got color by Friday.  It may be a little faded just depending on how often you shower and exfoliate your skin but it’s still there.  This product also allows you to keep applying every few days so you can reach your own desired color.

One other tip that I highly recommend when using this particular tanning product.  GLOVES.  Ya gotta get yourself some plastic gloves.  I don’t care what kind they are and if you get mistaken for a lunch lady.  You will NOT be sorry.  What you will be sorry for is if you appy sunless tanner with a color guard with bare hands.  If you don’t wash your hands immediately you are done.  More importantly though this method makes it soooo much less messy for you.  I would wear gloves with just plain ole tanning lotion that doesn’t have a color guard.  It’s just better trust me.

I picked up my Jergens Natrual Glow Instant Sun at Target (of course) I’m pretty sure it’s at all major drug stores though.  I’m so thrilled I found this product and that I actually LOVE it.  It’s a really great price at 12 bucks and the end result is fantastic.  So go on girl! Get chur tan on!