Nighty Night!

My night time routine tends to change from time to time depending on what products I love and what works for my skin at the moment.  I think the problem for a lot of people is that they don’t listen to their skin.  I’m raising my hand right now as I type this.  Back in college I wasn’t as aggressive about my skin care as I am today being a 31 year old.  I wasn’t aggressive because I didn’t see a need to be.

I have fairly good skin thanks to genetics but I also have acne prone combo/oily skin as well.  I’d almost dare to say I have sensitive skin at times.  My issue back then is that I didn’t take the cues my skin was giving me.  I thought that the products that worked for gal down the street would work for me.  This is not the case.  Find out your skin type and go from there.

I feel like my skin is very random in the times it chooses to act up and when it decides it’s going to be sensitive.  All I know is that I try….emphasis on the word try to accommodate it.  I recently received a Clairsonic as a gift.  For anyone that doesn’t know what a Clairsonic is, it’s a brush that cleans your face.  I’m not going to go too much further into detail because I’ll be doing an entire post on the Clairsonic brush compared to the Olay Pro X brush.

The point is that I have added the Clairsonic to my routine at night 3 days a week and am excited to see results if any.  Below is a collection of my current night time favorites and what’s working for me right now. I’m just going to touch on a few of these products simply because I’ve done posts dedicated to a few in this bunch.  Feel free to catch up!



I’ve always been a huge lover of face oils and Josie Maran is my homegirl but, I’ve been using the Boots Botanics Organic facial oil lately. Verdict? I LOVE IT!  It is definitely thicker than my J Maran argan oil and it doesn’t absorb as quickly but hey man, That’s allllright with me!  This oil is 100% organic and has got (big surprise) rose hip in it.  It says you can use it AM and PM but lemme stop you right there.  If you are able to use this in the AM under makeup, I’m calling NASA because you are not of this world. 010

This stuff is just too thick and takes too long to absorb into your skin to be worn under makeup.  That is why I love it so much for my night time arsenal.  My big thing with moisturizers and lip balms for over night are their staying power.  If I wake up in the morning and my face just feels normal.  That’s a no go for me.  When I wakeup I want my skin to feel soft, supple and moisturized.  The products you sleep in over night are so very important.  Your skin does its repairing and rejuvenating over night while you sleep.  With that being said, choose wisely.

This facial oil is perfect for all skin types and if you’ve ever wanted to try facial oils I’d definitely give this one a try.  Another favorite from my night time bunch isn’t for the face but, it is just as important to me.  I HAVE TO, HAVE TO, HAVE TO use a hand cream right before bed.  I’m pretty sure I’ll keel over if I don’t.  L’occitane products just give me life.  They are beyond luxurious and just so fancy! I mean, it’s made in France!?

Just like my lip balm obsession, hand cream is right up there with it.  I’m very particular about my hand creams and body lotions.  It’s got to have the perfect formulation, consistency and scent.  I don’t do greasy and I don’t do watery.  Loccitane is perfection.  It absorbs quickly and is rich and creamy.  I wish I could bathe in this stuff.

Well, I’d say that gives you a little glimpse into my ritualistic tendencies (Ha!) I mean, my night time routine.  I would strongly urge you to pick up one for yourself and be diligent about it.  You are never too young to start taking care of your skin.  It’s your largest organ and it should be treated as such.  I assure you you will not regret it!

You can pick up Loccitane hand cream here!

Pick up Boots Botanics Facial oil here!