I always talk about using things for their not intended purposes and I’m not joking when I say that. If I can solve a problem, I don’t care how it gets solved. I also love a great deal. That being said, I’ve recently discovered a new way to clean my makeup brushes.  I will do just about ANYTHING to make this process go faster.  This is something ALL makeup artists and enthusiasts alike dread.  It is such a tedious process. If I could hire someone to come do this for me I would lol.


I don’t normally relate to Kimmy but, she is speaking to me with this meme! I will put brush cleaning off until the very last minute because it takes soooo looong.  Not only is it time consuming, but my hands feel like and resemble 50 year old prunes when it’s all said and done.  Not a cute look.  I’ve pretty much tried every method imaginable to clean my brushes.  I’ve cleaned them on my weddings rings, I’ve cleaned them on a hair roller and quite recently I have been using a flat rubber pot holder and it has been great but still not everything I am looking for.

Sigma Beauty which is a makeup and brush line came out with a brush cleaning mitt a couple years back. I have yet to try it but it looks pretty perfect.  All it really is is a glorified pot holder.  Genius I know.   I thought to myself….self?  There has got to be an actual rubber pot holder on the market that is similar and hopefully less in price.  The Sigma brush retails at $35.

I scoured Target’s Kitchen section to no avail.  I was very surprised when I couldn’t find anything.  I knew I had to make the dreaded trip to Wal-Mart but, for this it was definitely worth it.  Low and behold, Mainstays brand had a completely rubber oven mitt!! Here it is.


It’s shaped differently but the concept is the same.  I squirt dish soap all over the ridges, wet my brushes and go to town.  I’ve been using this mitt now for a couple weeks and I’m very pleased.  The ridges on this mitt are exactly what I was looking for.  It really does the job and keeps my hands from getting dried out and pruny.  I would say the only con of using this mitt is the position your hand is in while cleaning.  It’s a tad awkward but nothing that I cant get over.  I mean seriously, this oven mitt is $5 stinking dollars!!  Hmm..$35 or $5.  Not a hard choice for me.  I’m sure the Sigma Mitt is fantastic and probably more ergonomic for your hand, but I’m the Queen of figuring it out for cheaper.

If you are in the need for a cheaper alternative for brush cleaning this is your guy.  BONUS- You’ve got a new awesome pot holder.  It works fantastically for what it’s actually made to do!   Pick him up at Wal-Mart.  You WON’T be sorry!