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Are those falsies??

Ok, so I’m totally winging this post as I pretty much do anyway but I honestly had no intention or plan to write about this. It really hadn’t crossed my mind yet.
I got a sample mascara from a friend and didn’t think too much about it. This is because I feel that I have tried evvvvry single mascara out there only to have a couple different ones that I actually like.
I used the word like because that’s all it’s ever been. I’ve only ever absolutely loved one. I’ve stuck by it for years and no matter what, (like that clingy ex from your past) always go back to. Without the self loathing and complacency of course. My go to guy is Rimmel lash excelorator. So, so, so good y’all.
But we aren’t here to talk about him today. I wanna talk about this completely unexpected find that I’m now in love with.



MAC’s False Lashes mascara is what I would call a pleasant surprise.  Let me start off by saying I’ve never been one to jump on the high end mascara wagon but if it’s wrong to pay $22 dollars for a mascara then I don’t wanna be right!!!  But seriously, this little guy has got me crushin hard.  The perfect mascara is such a laundry list of components that all MUST work in conjunction to produce the perfect lashes.  The brush size, the formulation, the staying power, how black it is.  I’m still waiting on science to produce a color darker than black.  All these things come into play and if even one of them doesn’t work, then it’s off with their heads.  They get tossed aside into the abyss of bad mascaras.

This brush is the perfect size and the bristles are also exactly as I like them.  Real and firm.  I don’t know what it is about this stuff but it is definitely cooking with fire.  I have a hard time finding mascaras that don’t clump on the lashes and that don’t pull too much product from the tube.  I mean, it’s just ridiculous the amount of product I have to wipe off the brush to even begin to start applying.  I swear, when you apply this it’s smooth and effortless.  The perfect amount of product comes out on the brush. I didn’t even have to go over it a million times or get a safety pin out to separate the lashes.  The end result is just beautiful.  Soft, thick lashes that had volume AND length.  I really may cry when this sample runs out.  How soon till my birthday??

Get your MAC False Lashes Mascara HERE!

Started from the bottom…

*First of all let me start by saying I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted and I am SO sorry about that!  I have been dealing with server issues that have FINALLY been resolved.  I got the all clear yesterday that I’m good to go! So get ready for an onslaught of posts from me! *

I remember being in about 6th grade and playing in my moms makeup as I had done for years and seeing endless amounts of little plastic sponge wands littered around her makeup drawer. They were like hobos wandering around aimlessly with no purpose or place. Why is that??

Why is because they are borderline useless and terrible lol. But seriously, what purpose do they really serve? I mean If I was trying to survive the apocalypse then I’d be hoarding these guys at every turn….but we aint there yet. These wands actually make great smudgers or subs for a pencil brush so I never throw them ALL away. I’ve always got a few on hand for smudging purposes only of course.

upgrade ya

This brings me to the topic of this post.  Makeup Brushes.  For a makeup enthusiast and or makeup artists these are essential and just as addicting as makeup itself.  I feel like I’m always on the hunt for the perfect brush and I will stop at nothing to find it.  I’m not a brush snob either. There is a big difference in a connoisseur and a snob.  My all time favorite fluffly blending brush for the crease of my eye is a no name double ended brush I got back in high school from Walgreens probably.  That means it’s also over 10 years old?! Yikes-I’m old.  Even still I reach for the blending brush almost everytime I do my makeup.

I recently stumbled upon a brush company a few weeks ago, and I’m so good at brush scoping that I can pretty much tell if they are worth a darn or not just by looking at them.  In this case It was through pictures.  I could tell almost immediately that they had promise.  L.A.B.2 otherwise known as Live And Breathe Beauty is a new brush company based out of California.  They were so gracious as to send me their “I’m turning pro” kit.  I just have to say it before I BURST!  I LOVE THESE BRUSHES!! I feel like Ron Burgandy when he word vomits to the whole newsroom that he and Veronica Corningstone are IN LOVE! I wanna scream it from the mountain tops! Ok-now the details lol.


This kit includes the following brushes:

Foundation brush

Buffing Brush

Contour Brush

Eye shadow brush


First of all, these brushes are an AMAZING quality.  They have a soft touch handle which not only feels great but really gives you a better grip.  It’s that NARS type of material that we allll love.  The metal used at the base of the brush is very durable and high in quality.  Those bristles are NOT going to come out.  These are very sleek looking and to be honest they look more luxorious than my expensive MAC brushes.

The bristles are synthetic which is optimum for picking up product.  These are made with LAB2’s FiberLuxe Technology which provides superior pigment pickup and release.  The brushes are all super soft and I really enjoy the feel on my face.  There are a few brushes in my collection that I dreaddd using because they either hurt when I use them, or they are hard to work with.  Not the case with these.

I’m notorious for not using brushes for what they are “intended” for  as in, I use flat foundation brushes a lot to set my under eye concealer with translucent powder.  Always remember, there are no rules.  You can use any type of brush for anything.  As long as you know how.  I have to hands down say that out of this kit my absolute favorite brush is the contour brush.  OH MAH GAHHH y’all.  This brush is changing my life.  I’ve been really bored and unfulfilled with my brushes I use to contour and this one is a game changer.  It is THE PERFECT size and density.  It literally makes contouring effortless and easy.  This is such a difficult brush for me to find a holy grail for.   I have to work twice as hard with another brush to achieve what this one can do in two swipes.(y’all know me though, I blend till my arms fall off)  it creates such a natural look that I really had to pause a moment and be like….”did that just happen”?  Everything about this brush is perfection.  It’s as if it was MADE just for my face.

I used the others surprisingly for what they were meant for and they worked like a dream.  These brushes are fabulous and the other awesome thing about them is their price.    You can pick up these guys at Wal-Mart for a fraction of what a set of brushes from MAC or Sigma Costs.  Lab2 has a beautiful website that you definitely need to check out.   They have a break down of all their brushes and kits as well as awesome videos showing how to use the brushes. They are on the cusp of being ready for online orders as well as being available at Wal-Mart.  Amazon will be carrying a few of their brushes as well so I will let y’all know as soon as they are live online!!

Overall I’m extremely pleased and impressed with this line of brushes and I can’t WAIT to try more! They are super affordable and I highly recommend giving these a try if you are on the hunt for new brushes!

You can check their website out here!