I cannot live without

This post is dedicated to my holy  grail, ride or die, OG skin care product. I’ve been using this multiple times a week for two years because it’s just that good! I have a lot of face besties but this guy stands out because the job he does is so very important.  Peter Thomas Roth is the man.  His entire line of skincare products are just everything.  I’ve actually never tried a product of his that I didn’t love and that didn’t work.  This one in particular I got hooked to almost immediately because I was actually seeing results!!




PTR’s Max Complexion Correction Pads are a staple for me for so many reasons. This product is formulated to cleanse skin, clear up blackheads, refine pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Now, how many stinkin products claim to do these things? Millions.  Ok, maybe not millions but seriously, like every product on the market. These pads are packed with aha’s (alpha hydroxy acid) and salicylic acid.

These two ingredients are major players in the skin game because they not only support natural cell turnover and help banish fine lines, but they fight acne too.  Before I had my son these had a profound effect on my skin. Yes, I said profound.  I feel like I’ve tried everything to help fight my hormonal time of the month skin meltdown.  Nothing. Ever. Worked.  When I use this product it helps control oil and acne as well as the the couple of very fine lines I have on my forehead.  It also helps clear up existing blemishes and scarring.

When you have a baby evvverrrrything changes.  Especially with your hormones.  After my son, I honestly feel that so much changed chemically in my body that it effected how my skin reacts to products.  Regardless, I still HAVE to have this product in my life.  I use it 3-4 times a week but you can absolutely use this daily if your skin isn’t too sensitive.  This is one of those products you have to build up to daily use depending on how your skin takes it.  If it is too strong for your skin they have a sensitive version that is a gentler formula.

First, I cleanse my skin, then I apply the pad all over my face.  Let it sink into the skin for a few minutes.  I apply my eye cream and then moisturize as usual. Voila!  A little tip.  You only need half of this pad to do the job.  One tub comes with 60 pads.  CUT THOSE BABIES IN HALF! BOOM-Double the amount of product.  If you have any of the above mentioned issues and nothing is working, TRY THIS.  It can even clear up cystic acne problems and any of those random bumps that you don’t even know how to describe.  Ya know, the ones that serve ZERO purpose but to piss you off.  Peter Thomas Roth is a magical genius and I’ll ALWAYS be riding the PTR train.

What are your holy grail products?

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