Magnificent Morphe!

I recently fell in love with a new brand that is just absolutely amazing. Morphe Brushes is based out of Burbank, California. They have a free standing store and I’m extremely jealous. For the rest of us not out on the west coast, we have the internet to covet these products from afar.

At the discovery of this company from my favorite beauty youtuber Jaclyn Hill. (She literally put them on the map) they have blowwwn up in the beauty world. Not only are their prices super affordable, their quality of product is even more so if you can even wrap your head around those two both being on point.

They carry brushes and professional palettes as well as single shadows, gel liner and LA girl concealer.  The eye shadows are (about to drop a bomb on you) $2!?! Two dollars. Dos dolares.  Ok, so I know what you are thinking. There’s no way an eye shadow is 2 bucks and is worth a crap. I mean really, I can hear you right now with that look on your face like…


After all the hype I kept hearing about these products I decided to try them out.  Thankfully Christmas was right around the corner so it worked out perfectly.(Thank you Momma and Daddy!) I ordered the 20 shade concealer palette, the 10 color blush palette and the contour palette.  I also ordered 4 different brushes but that will be in a different post.  Back to the makeup.  It’s always scary ordering off the internet especially if it’s a new site/company that you are unfamiliar with.  The plus side is that I had been hearing about Morphe for a few weeks from my trusty dusty beauty vloggers on youtube and let’s be real, most of the time, what they say goes for me as far as product reviews.

These palettes are tailored more for professional use and artists.  No one person needs all those colors unless you just want to.  I mean, YOLO I guess.  The concealer palette is a cream palette and it’s got every shade you’d ever need along with great pigmentation and fantastic coverage.  This is a great palette for cream highlighting and contouring.  It also is great for color correction and just covering up anything unsightly.  These are super blendable, very creamy, and easy to work with.  Over all, totally pleased with this concealer palette.


On to the 10 color blush palette.  I really really love this thing. In comparison to the concealer palette, this one would absolutely be appropriate for anyone to purchase.  This has every blush color anyone could ever need.  Gorgeous colors, extremely pigmented and great color payoff.  I love to mix the colors in this palette for the perfect shade. There are 5 matte shades and 5 matte shades with the slightest hint of glow if you will.  Beautiful.  The best part of this palette?  It was $10 dollars! WHOOP!

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Lastly, I ordered the contour and highlight palette.  This is something that once again, the average person doesn’t necessarily need when trying to accomplish a good contour.  However, if you like to play around with makeup or a makeup artist, this is  must!  It contains 6 colors.  3 highlight colors and 3 contour colors. (sidenote- I cracked the darkest color because I can’t even live my life apparently) There are two warm toned contour colors and one that is cool toned as well.  The highlight colors are a mix of pink undertones and yellow undertones and a stark white highlight which I love.  I use it to set my undereye concealer and any other places I’ve highlighted on my face.  It is almost identical to MAC’s Emphasize which is a pro powder and iss es-spen-sive.  I as usual mix shades together depending on what I am going for.  These powders are buttery soft and suuuper pigmented. They are all beautiful and great to work with.  Another great pro of this palette is the price. There are sooo many contour kits and palettes out right now and a lot of them are pretty pricey.  If you are looking for an affordable one then the buck stops here. Quality products for an amazing price. WIN!


Morphe is my JAM y’all, and that’s all there is to it.  I also got 2 single eyeshadow pans and I was blown away at the quality of them.  They are pigmented and smooth and totally gorgeous!  I love these because to allows you to build your own palette and customize it to your liking.  Seriously though, I don’t care what it is, if something is 2 dollars, you buy it!!  I love love lovvve all these products and really have nothing bad to say about them.  They have been a wonderful addition to my kit and mah life!!  So go on girl, get cha self some Morphe!

You can find all products mentioned here!