**Oily Monster update**

Alright, so I just gotta throw this quick post in here for y’all. I mentioned this product in my original oily monster post but I didn’t really touch on it.


This primer has been in my collection for a while and somehow has gotten pushed to the side..HOW I don’t know because it is hands down AMAZING! I’ll never NOT use this ever again.  I’m not kidding you.  May just stop trying new primers forever because my loyalty now lies here with Smashbox.  Smashbox has several primers tailored specifically for different issues.  This one is for the oily monsters.  I wore this to the zoo today and applied my makeup at around 11am.  Here it is 9:57 pm and my t-zone is shall I say, impeccable? But seriously, it’s almost perfection.  I’ve been checking all throughout the day expecting to need to blot.  Nope.  I actually went into the bathroom around 8 to check again and it was not shiny but maybe more of a gorgeous glow lol.  I used a blotting sheet just for kicks and it didn’t turn up nearly as much oil. SUCCESS!

So, you heard it here first! I’m officially Team Smashbox when it comes to my primer.  I think compared to my MAC prep and prime it doesn’t hold a candle.  The MAC is better suited for drier to normal skin.  I feel like a kid on Christmas who just discovered that hidden present after  thinking you’ve opened them all.  They have a smaller size that is $15 and you still get a good amount of product. If you wanna try this stuff out, you can get it here, you wont be sorry!