Punched in the eye.


Ok well, not really, but boyyy does it look that way sometimes. You know those mornings. The ones where you stayed up just a measly 4 hours longer than you should have and still have to get up at the crack. There might have been some cocktails mixed in there, so now, not only are we lacking sleep but, we are also dehydrated. Brutal combination. Who’s visually taking the brunt of all that besides our mirror? Our skin. Most noticeably our face.

Here’s the kicker. Those dark circles that show up under your eyes when you are lacking sleep are permanent fixtures on some of us poor souls who are genetically predisposed to them ALL THE TIME. 365 y’all.  I could get 10 hours of sleep- which happens never (I have a baby and am more likely to voluntarily do word problems then get sleep) but I’m more so referring to those kid free days where dare I say it.. Got 10 hours of sleep some days (SWOON). No matter what I did I always had dark circles under my eyes. Most olive skinned people suffer from dark circles whether genetic or not.  It just shows up on our skin more intensely.  Mine are hereditary and there’s nothing I can do about it….or is there?

For anyone that doesn’t know, makeup is an art form and the same rules and methods apply when applying makeup that apply to painting etc.  Seeing as I cannot draw a stick figure cat, I often wonder how I am able to create beautiful looks on the canvas of someone’s face. Beats me! Back to the art.  Below is a color wheel.  If you look at the colors directly across from one another you can find out which shades to use to achieve a specific goal.  For me? I want to cover the dark bluish circles under my eyes.  Therefore- I am going to choose an orange reddish concealer to cancel out that darkness.  If your circles are more purplish, you would choose something more yellowish-orange and so on and so forth.  I know these orange colors look super scary and like there is just no way this can end well but as you will see below, this technique is EVERYTING.  This method is called color correcting.



Color correcting is a MUST for me lest I look “punched in the eye” it’s amazing the WORLD of difference this makes.  I do this before applying foundation and absolutely before my traditional concealer I use for brightening the under eye area. I pat this into the skin with my ring finger. I’m going to show you just how much of a difference it does make. And I didn’t have to use a ton of product.

photo 2 photo 1

That right there ^^^^^^^ Magic.  This is the exact same lighting, angle and camera used in both pictures.  No filter and I’m completely barefaced.  To achieve my color correction I mix two shades from my Morphe Concealer Palette which you can get here! I’d kill for them to offer these two shades in single pots.  Now I will say that this is a professional 20 color concealer palette and unless you are an artist you do not need all these shades. I also use The NYX Dark Circle Concealer that comes in a pot in DCC03-Medium. Or the NYX Orange concealer that you can get here.

There are lots of color correcting concealers out there but, only a few lines offer the wide variety of shades that guarantee you’ll find a match.  Eve Pearl and Bobbi Brown are my saving grace.  I PROMISE you there will be a shade perfect for your skin color.  They are so creamy and full coverage.  They feel really nice on the skin and blend out beautifully.  If I HAD to pick one it would probably be Eve Pearl.  You can get that here.  Get the Bobbi Brown corrector here.

Before I learned how to color correct my dark circles, I was EXTREMLEY self conscious and embarrassed. Even with my normal concealer on it was noticeable.  I strongly urge you to try this method if you are like me with punched in the eye syndrome.  I swear it changed my life! There are so many things in this wolrd that we cannot control and that we cannot fix.  This is one for me that I can somewhat help, and I’ll never go back to the struggle!!