**New Product Review**

Ok, so this isn’t actually what I was originally going to post on today but I just can’t NOT share this find with y’all!  Let’s jump in!  I figured this could actually piggy back off of my last post about the oily monster, so it works perfectly.  A few years ago Maybelline came out with a line of face makeup called Fit Me.  It included foundation, powder and concealers.  I’m so disenchanted with it that I literally have nothing to say about it except I didn’t love it, and it didn’t work well for me .  Now I’m specifically talking about the foundation so lets not get carried away.

I happened to have a Wal-mart giftcard from Christmas that needed to be used, and lemme tell ya- if I can help it, I’M NOT GOING TO WALMART.  It’s way outta my way, and I’m #TEAMTARGET till forever.  It doesn’t matter where I am…I’ll find the beauty and makeup aisle and usually end up either being late or taking wayyyy longer than planned due to the magnet that’s inside my body that literally pulls me against my will to the makeup.  For real!? It’s a real thing. It’s completely out of my control. Having a 10 month old I find myself at Target at least twice a week for whatever reason or another (it’s my happy place right after Sephora and Ulta) I compare it to opening the fridge over and over again when you are bored and just wanna eat– expecting something new to magically appear. It’s kinda like that but way better because at Target, things DO actually appear!  Usually weekly!

Companies are ALWAYS coming out with new lines and products and of course some are hit and miss.  This foundation is definitely a HIT for me, and the Oily Monster agrees!!

Maybelline Fit me Foundation [Matte+Poreless]



This stuff is AMAAZE.  I truly didn’t expect to like this AT ALL just due to the fact of the previous line not working for me.

This claims to:

Mattify and refine pores

match natural skin tone

natural seamless finish

Alright…this is normally the part where I unleash with all the false claims but this….this did EVERYTHING it claimed to do! I applied this with a Real Techniques stippling brush which is my absolute FAVORITE way to apply foundation next to my Beauty Blender Sponge [I use a Real Techniques dupe] (both super affordable)- which I’ll do an entire post on because it’s perfect and deserves a whole post to itself lol. I also as always, applied my primer first. DUH.

Click here to get this “gotta have” brush!


So being an oily skinned girl it’s very trying to find a drugstore makeup that not only works well, but wears beautifully on the skin AND wears all day.  This applied like a dream.  It dries pretty fast so you need to kinda work quickly to blend it in.  It dries to a pretty matte finish BUT, I still lightly set it with powder anyway bc I know my skin and I’m just always gonna do it.

Let’s talk about the color selection. There are 12 shades in the collection and I am in Sun Beige 310.  If this is not an almost perfect match to my skin I don’t know what is.  My color is very particular.  I’m not just warm or cool toned.  This shade is gorgeous on me.  I really couldn’t believe how well it matched.

On to the longevity.  The most important part I feel.  I ALWAYS have to blot and powder my T-zone area throughout the day so I completely expected to be doing this per my usual routine.  The amount of time before I normally have to touch up was considerably longer. AWESOME!  when it came time to touch up it wasn’t nearly has oily as usual either. It’s worrrrrking! After 7 hours of wear it still looked great! I had some shiny spots (of course) but the way it looked reminded me of how my Estee Lauder Doublewear looks at the end of the day.  Pretty dang good!

All in all I’m extremely impressed with this foundation and the fact that it’s drugstore is a HUGE plus!  Price point y’all??  —————–> $5.94 at Wal-Mart!! That’s UNREAL for a foundation that’s actually worth a darn. Prices maaay vary from store to store.  I didn’t think this line was actually supposed to release till the spring but I found them nonetheless.  If you have time to go hunting have at it.  But,  if you just wanna order online like a normal person lol….click here!

Keep in mind….EVERYONES skin is different and reacts differently to different products.  However…at 6 bucks what have you got to lose?!

For all my dry skin girls, this maaay not be the one for you but I think it’s doable. Just moisturize really well about 15 mins prior to application and ditch the primer. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!


I think this is officially my new favorite affordable drug store foundation! I’ll be wearing this quite often!