Dupe alert!

pI truly feel that part of this post needs an entire entry all to itself and I may just do that later on down the line but for now, dupe class is in session. Cult favorite “Turkish delight” by NARS is probably one of the most popular shades of lipgloss of all time [ for real ] it’s timagehe most perfect pale baby pink shade ever. What’s the problem you say? Oh… It’s $26 bucks. Yup, and while every part of my being has wanted to run out and imagepurchase this for YEARS (I have the sample free gift size from sephora) I just can’t DO IT.  So where does that leave us baller on a budget gals?  I introduce to you, NYX butter gloss in “eclair” and Bonne Bell –yes you read that right, THAT Bonne Bell lip lites gloss from high school that we alllll had (don’t lie) in “Strawberry Parfait”. Both of theses are almost EXACT dupes for NARS Turkish Delight and at a fraction of the cost. The color payoff, consistency, formula and scent alone of NYX butter gloss actually beats out NARS by a landslide in my opinion. It also smells fantastic where as NARS does not.  The butter gloss line is incredible and they are up there next to my MAC creme sheen glosses BUT BETTER I SWEAR! These lovelies break the bank at $5!!  Bonne Bell actually nails the color even more than NYX However, the consistency is too thin for my taste and the staying power just isn’t there. Even still, it’s a beautiful color match.   Hands down, I love the butter gloss way more than the original by NARS. So this round goes to the dupes! Happy hunting!

you can find these products here!

Get Strawberry Parfait from Bonne Bell here!


sidenote* Most Targets are carrying NYX products now.  Not the entire line but definitely the glorious BUTTER GLOSSES!!!