Do THIS….not THAT…a tale about contouring


Now I’m really gonna try to not get too wordy here but this is just such a serious matter that it has to be addressed as such…baha-jk! But no, really. There are no rules in makeup, but for gods sake, there are rules in makeup!? Extreme highlighting and contouring were a huge trend this year and I’m not sure if it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  With that being said, it’s super easy to mess this up and BAM, you’ve ruined everything. Let’s take a look at the no no list…



Well now that you’re prepped for your nightmares tonight, lets see it done right!


yessss girl, all of this.

So the main mistake made when contouring is using wrong type of bronzer entirely. You ALWAYS want to contour with a MATTE shade. No glittery sparkles allowed right now. We are not trying to achieve that twinkly Cullen look. Using anything but a matte shade is going to make your skin look muddy and dirty and on top of that sparkly and nobody wants that. The purpose of a contour is to create shadow on particular parts of the face to give the face definition, dimension and shape.

Many of my clients I teach are completely unaware that matte bronzers exist and it’s not their fault. You have to know where to look and what brands offer what  Helpful hint… If you find an eye shadow that’s the perfect matte brown shade… Girl…. There’s your contour shade! It’s all the same. Even finding a face powder that is several shades darker than your skin is perfect and tons of people use that method due to the amazing color selection it offers.

The left side is Bobbi Browns Golden light.  This is a fan favorite and for good reason…its BEAUTIFUL! Blends like a dream and completely matte. WIN! The bronzer on the right is MAC Refined golden and I’ve used and loved this product for years….but not for contouring.  It has tiny golden flecks in it that you cant miss.  It is still in my kit and personal collection because I love it …but NOT for contouring….did I already say that??


I could go on and onnnn about contouring and the joy its brought my life lol–but…we got things ta do! Lastly..the other crucial component to this madness and arguably the most important…BLENDING. BLEND, BLEND and BLEND some more.  Basically blend until your arms fall off and then…get your girlfriend to blend a little more.  When in doubt…blend.  and in an upward motion.  Contouring is a privilege yall, lets try to do it some justice. Happy blending!

Get Bobbi Brown Golden light here

Get MACs Refined Golden here! I love this for the summer dusted on the cheek bones for a gorgeous glow!

Any MAC counter at Belk, Nordstom etc…


Just some wise words from Kermie

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