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I cannot live without

This post is dedicated to my holy  grail, ride or die, OG skin care product. I’ve been using this multiple times a week for two years because it’s just that good! I have a lot of face besties but this guy stands out because the job he does is so very important.  Peter Thomas Roth is the man.  His entire line of skincare products are just everything.  I’ve actually never tried a product of his that I didn’t love and that didn’t work.  This one in particular I got hooked to almost immediately because I was actually seeing results!!




PTR’s Max Complexion Correction Pads are a staple for me for so many reasons. This product is formulated to cleanse skin, clear up blackheads, refine pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.  Now, how many stinkin products claim to do these things? Millions.  Ok, maybe not millions but seriously, like every product on the market. These pads are packed with aha’s (alpha hydroxy acid) and salicylic acid.

These two ingredients are major players in the skin game because they not only support natural cell turnover and help banish fine lines, but they fight acne too.  Before I had my son these had a profound effect on my skin. Yes, I said profound.  I feel like I’ve tried everything to help fight my hormonal time of the month skin meltdown.  Nothing. Ever. Worked.  When I use this product it helps control oil and acne as well as the the couple of very fine lines I have on my forehead.  It also helps clear up existing blemishes and scarring.

When you have a baby evvverrrrything changes.  Especially with your hormones.  After my son, I honestly feel that so much changed chemically in my body that it effected how my skin reacts to products.  Regardless, I still HAVE to have this product in my life.  I use it 3-4 times a week but you can absolutely use this daily if your skin isn’t too sensitive.  This is one of those products you have to build up to daily use depending on how your skin takes it.  If it is too strong for your skin they have a sensitive version that is a gentler formula.

First, I cleanse my skin, then I apply the pad all over my face.  Let it sink into the skin for a few minutes.  I apply my eye cream and then moisturize as usual. Voila!  A little tip.  You only need half of this pad to do the job.  One tub comes with 60 pads.  CUT THOSE BABIES IN HALF! BOOM-Double the amount of product.  If you have any of the above mentioned issues and nothing is working, TRY THIS.  It can even clear up cystic acne problems and any of those random bumps that you don’t even know how to describe.  Ya know, the ones that serve ZERO purpose but to piss you off.  Peter Thomas Roth is a magical genius and I’ll ALWAYS be riding the PTR train.

What are your holy grail products?

Get PTR’s Max Complexion Correction Pads here!

Magnificent Morphe!

I recently fell in love with a new brand that is just absolutely amazing. Morphe Brushes is based out of Burbank, California. They have a free standing store and I’m extremely jealous. For the rest of us not out on the west coast, we have the internet to covet these products from afar.

At the discovery of this company from my favorite beauty youtuber Jaclyn Hill. (She literally put them on the map) they have blowwwn up in the beauty world. Not only are their prices super affordable, their quality of product is even more so if you can even wrap your head around those two both being on point.

They carry brushes and professional palettes as well as single shadows, gel liner and LA girl concealer.  The eye shadows are (about to drop a bomb on you) $2!?! Two dollars. Dos dolares.  Ok, so I know what you are thinking. There’s no way an eye shadow is 2 bucks and is worth a crap. I mean really, I can hear you right now with that look on your face like…


After all the hype I kept hearing about these products I decided to try them out.  Thankfully Christmas was right around the corner so it worked out perfectly.(Thank you Momma and Daddy!) I ordered the 20 shade concealer palette, the 10 color blush palette and the contour palette.  I also ordered 4 different brushes but that will be in a different post.  Back to the makeup.  It’s always scary ordering off the internet especially if it’s a new site/company that you are unfamiliar with.  The plus side is that I had been hearing about Morphe for a few weeks from my trusty dusty beauty vloggers on youtube and let’s be real, most of the time, what they say goes for me as far as product reviews.

These palettes are tailored more for professional use and artists.  No one person needs all those colors unless you just want to.  I mean, YOLO I guess.  The concealer palette is a cream palette and it’s got every shade you’d ever need along with great pigmentation and fantastic coverage.  This is a great palette for cream highlighting and contouring.  It also is great for color correction and just covering up anything unsightly.  These are super blendable, very creamy, and easy to work with.  Over all, totally pleased with this concealer palette.


On to the 10 color blush palette.  I really really love this thing. In comparison to the concealer palette, this one would absolutely be appropriate for anyone to purchase.  This has every blush color anyone could ever need.  Gorgeous colors, extremely pigmented and great color payoff.  I love to mix the colors in this palette for the perfect shade. There are 5 matte shades and 5 matte shades with the slightest hint of glow if you will.  Beautiful.  The best part of this palette?  It was $10 dollars! WHOOP!

034  038

Lastly, I ordered the contour and highlight palette.  This is something that once again, the average person doesn’t necessarily need when trying to accomplish a good contour.  However, if you like to play around with makeup or a makeup artist, this is  must!  It contains 6 colors.  3 highlight colors and 3 contour colors. (sidenote- I cracked the darkest color because I can’t even live my life apparently) There are two warm toned contour colors and one that is cool toned as well.  The highlight colors are a mix of pink undertones and yellow undertones and a stark white highlight which I love.  I use it to set my undereye concealer and any other places I’ve highlighted on my face.  It is almost identical to MAC’s Emphasize which is a pro powder and iss es-spen-sive.  I as usual mix shades together depending on what I am going for.  These powders are buttery soft and suuuper pigmented. They are all beautiful and great to work with.  Another great pro of this palette is the price. There are sooo many contour kits and palettes out right now and a lot of them are pretty pricey.  If you are looking for an affordable one then the buck stops here. Quality products for an amazing price. WIN!


Morphe is my JAM y’all, and that’s all there is to it.  I also got 2 single eyeshadow pans and I was blown away at the quality of them.  They are pigmented and smooth and totally gorgeous!  I love these because to allows you to build your own palette and customize it to your liking.  Seriously though, I don’t care what it is, if something is 2 dollars, you buy it!!  I love love lovvve all these products and really have nothing bad to say about them.  They have been a wonderful addition to my kit and mah life!!  So go on girl, get cha self some Morphe!

You can find all products mentioned here!








**Oily Monster update**

Alright, so I just gotta throw this quick post in here for y’all. I mentioned this product in my original oily monster post but I didn’t really touch on it.


This primer has been in my collection for a while and somehow has gotten pushed to the side..HOW I don’t know because it is hands down AMAZING! I’ll never NOT use this ever again.  I’m not kidding you.  May just stop trying new primers forever because my loyalty now lies here with Smashbox.  Smashbox has several primers tailored specifically for different issues.  This one is for the oily monsters.  I wore this to the zoo today and applied my makeup at around 11am.  Here it is 9:57 pm and my t-zone is shall I say, impeccable? But seriously, it’s almost perfection.  I’ve been checking all throughout the day expecting to need to blot.  Nope.  I actually went into the bathroom around 8 to check again and it was not shiny but maybe more of a gorgeous glow lol.  I used a blotting sheet just for kicks and it didn’t turn up nearly as much oil. SUCCESS!

So, you heard it here first! I’m officially Team Smashbox when it comes to my primer.  I think compared to my MAC prep and prime it doesn’t hold a candle.  The MAC is better suited for drier to normal skin.  I feel like a kid on Christmas who just discovered that hidden present after  thinking you’ve opened them all.  They have a smaller size that is $15 and you still get a good amount of product. If you wanna try this stuff out, you can get it here, you wont be sorry!


Punched in the eye.


Ok well, not really, but boyyy does it look that way sometimes. You know those mornings. The ones where you stayed up just a measly 4 hours longer than you should have and still have to get up at the crack. There might have been some cocktails mixed in there, so now, not only are we lacking sleep but, we are also dehydrated. Brutal combination. Who’s visually taking the brunt of all that besides our mirror? Our skin. Most noticeably our face.

Here’s the kicker. Those dark circles that show up under your eyes when you are lacking sleep are permanent fixtures on some of us poor souls who are genetically predisposed to them ALL THE TIME. 365 y’all.  I could get 10 hours of sleep- which happens never (I have a baby and am more likely to voluntarily do word problems then get sleep) but I’m more so referring to those kid free days where dare I say it.. Got 10 hours of sleep some days (SWOON). No matter what I did I always had dark circles under my eyes. Most olive skinned people suffer from dark circles whether genetic or not.  It just shows up on our skin more intensely.  Mine are hereditary and there’s nothing I can do about it….or is there?

For anyone that doesn’t know, makeup is an art form and the same rules and methods apply when applying makeup that apply to painting etc.  Seeing as I cannot draw a stick figure cat, I often wonder how I am able to create beautiful looks on the canvas of someone’s face. Beats me! Back to the art.  Below is a color wheel.  If you look at the colors directly across from one another you can find out which shades to use to achieve a specific goal.  For me? I want to cover the dark bluish circles under my eyes.  Therefore- I am going to choose an orange reddish concealer to cancel out that darkness.  If your circles are more purplish, you would choose something more yellowish-orange and so on and so forth.  I know these orange colors look super scary and like there is just no way this can end well but as you will see below, this technique is EVERYTING.  This method is called color correcting.



Color correcting is a MUST for me lest I look “punched in the eye” it’s amazing the WORLD of difference this makes.  I do this before applying foundation and absolutely before my traditional concealer I use for brightening the under eye area. I pat this into the skin with my ring finger. I’m going to show you just how much of a difference it does make. And I didn’t have to use a ton of product.

photo 2 photo 1

That right there ^^^^^^^ Magic.  This is the exact same lighting, angle and camera used in both pictures.  No filter and I’m completely barefaced.  To achieve my color correction I mix two shades from my Morphe Concealer Palette which you can get here! I’d kill for them to offer these two shades in single pots.  Now I will say that this is a professional 20 color concealer palette and unless you are an artist you do not need all these shades. I also use The NYX Dark Circle Concealer that comes in a pot in DCC03-Medium. Or the NYX Orange concealer that you can get here.

There are lots of color correcting concealers out there but, only a few lines offer the wide variety of shades that guarantee you’ll find a match.  Eve Pearl and Bobbi Brown are my saving grace.  I PROMISE you there will be a shade perfect for your skin color.  They are so creamy and full coverage.  They feel really nice on the skin and blend out beautifully.  If I HAD to pick one it would probably be Eve Pearl.  You can get that here.  Get the Bobbi Brown corrector here.

Before I learned how to color correct my dark circles, I was EXTREMLEY self conscious and embarrassed. Even with my normal concealer on it was noticeable.  I strongly urge you to try this method if you are like me with punched in the eye syndrome.  I swear it changed my life! There are so many things in this wolrd that we cannot control and that we cannot fix.  This is one for me that I can somewhat help, and I’ll never go back to the struggle!!










**New Product Review**

Ok, so this isn’t actually what I was originally going to post on today but I just can’t NOT share this find with y’all!  Let’s jump in!  I figured this could actually piggy back off of my last post about the oily monster, so it works perfectly.  A few years ago Maybelline came out with a line of face makeup called Fit Me.  It included foundation, powder and concealers.  I’m so disenchanted with it that I literally have nothing to say about it except I didn’t love it, and it didn’t work well for me .  Now I’m specifically talking about the foundation so lets not get carried away.

I happened to have a Wal-mart giftcard from Christmas that needed to be used, and lemme tell ya- if I can help it, I’M NOT GOING TO WALMART.  It’s way outta my way, and I’m #TEAMTARGET till forever.  It doesn’t matter where I am…I’ll find the beauty and makeup aisle and usually end up either being late or taking wayyyy longer than planned due to the magnet that’s inside my body that literally pulls me against my will to the makeup.  For real!? It’s a real thing. It’s completely out of my control. Having a 10 month old I find myself at Target at least twice a week for whatever reason or another (it’s my happy place right after Sephora and Ulta) I compare it to opening the fridge over and over again when you are bored and just wanna eat– expecting something new to magically appear. It’s kinda like that but way better because at Target, things DO actually appear!  Usually weekly!

Companies are ALWAYS coming out with new lines and products and of course some are hit and miss.  This foundation is definitely a HIT for me, and the Oily Monster agrees!!

Maybelline Fit me Foundation [Matte+Poreless]



This stuff is AMAAZE.  I truly didn’t expect to like this AT ALL just due to the fact of the previous line not working for me.

This claims to:

Mattify and refine pores

match natural skin tone

natural seamless finish

Alright…this is normally the part where I unleash with all the false claims but this….this did EVERYTHING it claimed to do! I applied this with a Real Techniques stippling brush which is my absolute FAVORITE way to apply foundation next to my Beauty Blender Sponge [I use a Real Techniques dupe] (both super affordable)- which I’ll do an entire post on because it’s perfect and deserves a whole post to itself lol. I also as always, applied my primer first. DUH.

Click here to get this “gotta have” brush!


So being an oily skinned girl it’s very trying to find a drugstore makeup that not only works well, but wears beautifully on the skin AND wears all day.  This applied like a dream.  It dries pretty fast so you need to kinda work quickly to blend it in.  It dries to a pretty matte finish BUT, I still lightly set it with powder anyway bc I know my skin and I’m just always gonna do it.

Let’s talk about the color selection. There are 12 shades in the collection and I am in Sun Beige 310.  If this is not an almost perfect match to my skin I don’t know what is.  My color is very particular.  I’m not just warm or cool toned.  This shade is gorgeous on me.  I really couldn’t believe how well it matched.

On to the longevity.  The most important part I feel.  I ALWAYS have to blot and powder my T-zone area throughout the day so I completely expected to be doing this per my usual routine.  The amount of time before I normally have to touch up was considerably longer. AWESOME!  when it came time to touch up it wasn’t nearly has oily as usual either. It’s worrrrrking! After 7 hours of wear it still looked great! I had some shiny spots (of course) but the way it looked reminded me of how my Estee Lauder Doublewear looks at the end of the day.  Pretty dang good!

All in all I’m extremely impressed with this foundation and the fact that it’s drugstore is a HUGE plus!  Price point y’all??  —————–> $5.94 at Wal-Mart!! That’s UNREAL for a foundation that’s actually worth a darn. Prices maaay vary from store to store.  I didn’t think this line was actually supposed to release till the spring but I found them nonetheless.  If you have time to go hunting have at it.  But,  if you just wanna order online like a normal person lol….click here!

Keep in mind….EVERYONES skin is different and reacts differently to different products.  However…at 6 bucks what have you got to lose?!

For all my dry skin girls, this maaay not be the one for you but I think it’s doable. Just moisturize really well about 15 mins prior to application and ditch the primer. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince!


I think this is officially my new favorite affordable drug store foundation! I’ll be wearing this quite often!








Oily Monster



If you are wondering what in fact that is….it’s me, yours truly.  I guess a normal way to say it would be this: Hi, my name is Jessica, and I have oily skin lol.  This is my lot in life, and as I get older I REALLY am trying to embrace the shine while still controlling it.  I guess I’d rather have oily skin than dry simply for the fact that it combats signs of aging and wrinkles (we’ll see how long that jig lasts). If it’s all in the genes, then I am good to go! My Momma looks AMAZING and she too has oily skin.   Seeing as winter has decided to show up in the last 24 hours, I find it amazing how even with a severe drop in temperature I’m still over here like…


So basically, and at the same time unfortunately, there are about a billion steps I have to take to not only keep up with my my demanding skin but manage the shine as well.  I’d love to be able to just tell you that one single product takes care of everything, but who are we kidding.  I mean, this is tasking work truly, because I’m the girl whose got a dewy finish already after only an hour of wear.  Its absolutely ridiculous.  These are the products that work for me and that I cannot function without…less the oily monster be set loose.  Going to start with the order I apply these.


MAC Prep and Prime

NYX Shine Killer

Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation

TARTE Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder “Smooth Operator”

Urban Decay De-slick Makeup Setting Spray

ELF blotting papers



Whewwwwww………I know that’s a lot, but I warned ya!  You might wanna grab a snack!

Now, I by no means wear makeup everyday, or even every other day….or even ever lol(sometimes it feels that way)  but honestly, I really hardly wear it.  Maybe once a week unless I have “things” you know…”things”.  HOWEVER, when I need that full-on face that’s going to last all day and night, this is what the oily monster requires.  There are no ifs, ands, or buts about this next part. PREPPING MY SKIN WITH PRIMER. Have to, have to, HAVE. TO.  This has to be done or this whole ship is going down. i.e- no point in even putting makeup on.  My favorite is Prep and Prime by MAC or Smashbox Photo Finish Light.  These are on the pricier side, but I have searched high and low, and primers are what the drugstore brands are severely lacking in.  They just don’t get the job done, and this Momma needs stuff to do what it says it will do.

My foundation that I am currently obsessed with is Estee Lauder Doublewear. This stuff is just magic in a bottle for me.  I feel like it was made for me.  It’s also on the pricier side, but here’s the thing.  Foundation is one of those things that if you are going to spend money on a product, let it be foundation.  I cannot tell you what a difference there is between the drugstore brands and higher end.  Now, before you get all mounted up on the high horse of practicality—There are SEVERAL drugstore brand foundations that I absolutely LOVE and wear all the time! (I’ll list them below at the bottom) Estee Lauder DW is just what I  fell in love with about a year ago after getting a sample. ALWAYS, ALWAYS get a sample first from a higher end counter before you buy.  They will color match you first…then do the sample. Homegirl aint buyin $40 foundation for it NOT  to work for my skin, and you shouldn’t either.  This foundation lasts all day and night…im talking hours (if applied correctly and in conjunction with all my other oily skin products) and its a beautiful finish.  It’s a thicker consistency so you get great coverage.

NYX Shine Killer is a product that says can go over or under makeup.  I’m just gonna keep it real..I’m to chicken to put something on OVER my finished face but hey, try it if you want to! I apply this by dabbing into my skin in the T-zone area after I apply primer, and it literally kills the shine lol. I freaking LOVE Nyx products.  They are amazing quality for such an affordable price.

TARTE Amazonian Clay Finishing powder “Smooth Operator” — This stuff is sooo versatile, and I LOVE it for all that it is.  This is a loose, translucent setting powder that is so finely milled you’ll swear its powdered butter.  I use this to set my undereye concealer/highlighted areas and to also set my foundation.  It’s also great for touchups, but who is gonna carry around a tub of loose powder and a brush…NOPE.

There are TONNNNS of makeup setting sprays out there, but only a few belong to the “It works” club.  Urban Decay is on of my FAVORITE brands, and they always nail it with their setting sprays.  This is what I like to call the icing on the cake.  It’s the last step in my process and sets your whole face with a few sprays. My favorite is the De-slick one bc I’m what……?  Yup, oily. This stuff really holds it all in its place for like, ever.  Hairspray for the face if you will, but not sticky. Feels like water going on and its wonderful.

ELF Blotting papers are a staple item for an oily girl. THEY ARE $1!!!!!  let’s take a moment to process that one………………………………………………………………………………………  ahhhhhh. Glorious.  I keep these things everywhere:   The car, the baby bag, my makeup bag, my freelance kit.  They are ONE DOLLAH, Y’ALL, so I knowww I cant be judged on that one. These things soak up the excess oil on your face so these are a MUST for me. Totally sick and gross like those Bijore nose strips, but we don’t care…do we.

Obviously we all know that powder also absorbs oil and will fix ant shine problems, but we have to be very sparing when us oily girls need to blot.  Too much powder will just cake up and start to look, well, just bad.  If you can, blot the oil first with a blotting paper THEN powder.  You don’t wanna pack powder on top of  a bunch of oil…it will eventully catch up.  Now that this post is bordering on dissertation length, I think this is a good place to stop lol. Everything is listed down below, and beware the oily monsterrrrr!!!!


Get MAC Prep and Prime here or at any counter

Get Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation here or at any counter

Get NYX Shine Killer here or most targets

Get Tarte Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder “Smooth Operator” here

Get Urban Decay De-slick makeup setting spray here

Get Elf blotting papers at Target!

*my drug store foundation picks*

Loreal true match

Loreal true match LUMI (for my dry gals)

Maybelline Superstay

Revlon Colorstay Whipped

What are some of your favorites?











Dupe alert!

pI truly feel that part of this post needs an entire entry all to itself and I may just do that later on down the line but for now, dupe class is in session. Cult favorite “Turkish delight” by NARS is probably one of the most popular shades of lipgloss of all time [ for real ] it’s timagehe most perfect pale baby pink shade ever. What’s the problem you say? Oh… It’s $26 bucks. Yup, and while every part of my being has wanted to run out and imagepurchase this for YEARS (I have the sample free gift size from sephora) I just can’t DO IT.  So where does that leave us baller on a budget gals?  I introduce to you, NYX butter gloss in “eclair” and Bonne Bell –yes you read that right, THAT Bonne Bell lip lites gloss from high school that we alllll had (don’t lie) in “Strawberry Parfait”. Both of theses are almost EXACT dupes for NARS Turkish Delight and at a fraction of the cost. The color payoff, consistency, formula and scent alone of NYX butter gloss actually beats out NARS by a landslide in my opinion. It also smells fantastic where as NARS does not.  The butter gloss line is incredible and they are up there next to my MAC creme sheen glosses BUT BETTER I SWEAR! These lovelies break the bank at $5!!  Bonne Bell actually nails the color even more than NYX However, the consistency is too thin for my taste and the staying power just isn’t there. Even still, it’s a beautiful color match.   Hands down, I love the butter gloss way more than the original by NARS. So this round goes to the dupes! Happy hunting!

you can find these products here!

Get Strawberry Parfait from Bonne Bell here!


sidenote* Most Targets are carrying NYX products now.  Not the entire line but definitely the glorious BUTTER GLOSSES!!!




Do THIS….not THAT…a tale about contouring


Now I’m really gonna try to not get too wordy here but this is just such a serious matter that it has to be addressed as such…baha-jk! But no, really. There are no rules in makeup, but for gods sake, there are rules in makeup!? Extreme highlighting and contouring were a huge trend this year and I’m not sure if it’s going anywhere anytime soon.  With that being said, it’s super easy to mess this up and BAM, you’ve ruined everything. Let’s take a look at the no no list…



Well now that you’re prepped for your nightmares tonight, lets see it done right!


yessss girl, all of this.

So the main mistake made when contouring is using wrong type of bronzer entirely. You ALWAYS want to contour with a MATTE shade. No glittery sparkles allowed right now. We are not trying to achieve that twinkly Cullen look. Using anything but a matte shade is going to make your skin look muddy and dirty and on top of that sparkly and nobody wants that. The purpose of a contour is to create shadow on particular parts of the face to give the face definition, dimension and shape.

Many of my clients I teach are completely unaware that matte bronzers exist and it’s not their fault. You have to know where to look and what brands offer what  Helpful hint… If you find an eye shadow that’s the perfect matte brown shade… Girl…. There’s your contour shade! It’s all the same. Even finding a face powder that is several shades darker than your skin is perfect and tons of people use that method due to the amazing color selection it offers.

The left side is Bobbi Browns Golden light.  This is a fan favorite and for good reason…its BEAUTIFUL! Blends like a dream and completely matte. WIN! The bronzer on the right is MAC Refined golden and I’ve used and loved this product for years….but not for contouring.  It has tiny golden flecks in it that you cant miss.  It is still in my kit and personal collection because I love it …but NOT for contouring….did I already say that??


I could go on and onnnn about contouring and the joy its brought my life lol–but…we got things ta do! Lastly..the other crucial component to this madness and arguably the most important…BLENDING. BLEND, BLEND and BLEND some more.  Basically blend until your arms fall off and then…get your girlfriend to blend a little more.  When in doubt…blend.  and in an upward motion.  Contouring is a privilege yall, lets try to do it some justice. Happy blending!

Get Bobbi Brown Golden light here

Get MACs Refined Golden here! I love this for the summer dusted on the cheek bones for a gorgeous glow!

Any MAC counter at Belk, Nordstom etc…


Just some wise words from Kermie

photo 3