Monthly Archives: September 2014

“A rose by any other name”


I don’t know what it is about the smell of roses.  It’s perfect and romantic and well just all around gorgeous! and scents can be gorgeous ya know?!  I might be a TAD obsessed with rose scented things and I’m pretty sure if you could eat roses I’d be the first in line. These products are  not only some of my Holy grail cant live without beauty items but also some of my absolute favorites in my arsenal of  rosey goodness.  Smith’s Rosebud Salve is hands down my obsession.  The minted and regular versions can both stand on their own with their perfect  consistency and subtle scent. The squeezy tube is a dream for throwing in my bag and running out the door. (I cannot live without this stuff)  I love the potted version for nighttime and keep it by my bed.  The amazing texture and staying power alone is enough to cancel out the whole finger in the product to apply issue-  bc lets be real…people who complain about the sanitary factor are the same people who sanitize their kids paci in boiling water after every floor drop…AINT NOBODY—you know the rest…plus this stuff can be applied to any dry areas on the skin and I LOVE to do this.  NO WASTING ALLOWED. Moving onto the Mario Badescu Rosewater facial spray.  Ok people…this stuff is just everything to me and for 7 freaking dollars…I just cannot. This is the last thing on my face at night and the first thing in the morning annnnd about 3,456,375 other times during the day. So addicting and like lip balm for your face!  Its great for a quick burst of moisture especially in these dry winter months. All 3 of these products are at an amazzzing price point of $7 BUCKS! Hallelujia!  so now that ive revealed my rose fetish, yall gotta try it for yourselves..otherwise I’m just the crazy rose lady!


Get your Mario Badescu Rosewater spray here! You can also find at Ulta and the counter at Nordstrom!

Get Smith’s Salve here! Its currently sold out online but you can walk into any Sephora and grab these guys!